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  • Supposed to make a hole in the potato with a screw driver and place the stem in it. Cover with couple of inches of dirt in the ground. Cover with a glass jar to keep it moist after wetting. Can google to check it out.

  • Cleaned out an area on the side of the house today to plant some spaghetti squash, cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes & other veggies. Will add some fresh dirt with fertilizer before adding the seeds. The weather has been beautiful with low humidity so getting an early start this year before my sister comes next month for a visit. My fig trees are responding to the feedings I have been giving them. The leaves are starting to sprout. Looking forward to the rest of the fruit trees sprouting too.

  • Sueanne, you are so lucky to be able to garden already. Here we still have a lot of snow on the ground here in Maine but this week are temps are going to be unusually high - maybe even hit 60 degrees on Wednesday. We'll still have more snow storms before spring officially arrives but I'll take a week or so of the warmer temps.

    I've had a 4 day weekend (today is the last day) so it is back to work on Tuesday. I have gotten to spend time with a dear friend from NH (we went to the movies and shopping), read books, and started spring cleaning. I do love my job, though, so don't mind going back to work. Hope all are having a good Monday!
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  • Thanks Roberta.
    Hello Sami. Glad you had a nice 4 day weekend.
    Very warm here today and tomorrow. I can't wait for spring.

  • Was surprised today when my gift box of Colby cheeses I won at the Health Fair arrived in a big box with a cooler and ice bags for perishables. I couldn't wait to open it up and taste the different cheddar cheese. Tried the low fat one since it was almost time for dinner. They said it would take a month or more so was glad to get it came sooner for snacks. Haven't received any other notices so glad I got this one.
  • Had a nice summer day the other day 73 here so i had my home opened did windows and a bit of yard work then next day chilly with snow,it's been crazy with this weather.Been working on my spring crafting and i made a nice pot of hamburger soup which came out so wonderful.Been getting my plant and flower catalogs as i've been putting orders together and i'm still busy with my upcycling projects which are coming along,can't wait for spring to come and stay.
  • Susanne I just love cheese. I love to sample all the different varieties.
    Meadow I am so looking forward to spring.
    It's been cold and rainy. So damp.
    Well have a nice Friday evening.
  • Went to my PC DR today she was happy with Lab work. But still had me get blood drawn without fasting. See her again in August. Hope all are doing okay
  • Hi Patti. So glad to hear things went well with the doctor. Nice to read your posts.
    It won't be long and spring will be here. Yay. We are supposed to have some nasty weather on Thursday.