Dec 2016 Friendship

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  • Bilby, Thank you for the Christmas wishes. I know I am older than most of you girls but I feel young listening to all of you each day.

    Was such a beautiful day today hit 78* so started cutting my red tip bushes outside my porch windows and cleaned out any weeds growing between my fruit trees back there. Felt good to feel the fresh air and work around. Came in and treated myself to a fresh heath cookie from the bakery and a cup of coffee. They say digging around in the dirt is healthy so hope it does.

  • Hi all.. finally made it to my computer and online.. Hope everyone had a great Christmas!! Ours was good although fairly warm.. everyone was pleased with their gifts. Now we have a second Christmas at my #3 dd's house on January 1 with all my girls and their families to look forward to
    still trying to finish knitting an afghan for for #2 stepdaughter and not half done, part of the reason I haven't been online all month, except for FB time on my phone.
    In case I don't get back this week I'd like to with everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! as well as a healthy one.
    Be safe and warm if you are having bad weather this week, we'll be getting cold again but we're not slated to get snow this year due to el Nina??
    take care all,
  • Trekmom, happy knitting, I have absolutely no luck at it!

    Our Christmas was hot but not as hot as expected, almost balmy. Everyone behaved themselves lol

    Hubby has another week off after this one, I have a few jobs lined up for him, shhhh don't tell him yet!

    I got lots of crafty stuff for Christmas I've now got to sort it all into where it fits. All my gifts given were wanted, I'm happy for my success in that dept!

    Hope your week has been a good one
  • I had a good Christmas among
    other things I got a cordless Drill/Screwdriver which I
    . LOTS of candy. Hope 2017 will be better for
    all of us==God bless
  • posts here since the 29th. Happy new year to all.
  • I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas, and here's to a wonderful 2017 for all of us! Kathy and Meg, it's great hearing from you again. I don't post very often, but I do read to keep up with what's going on with everyone.

  • Laura, Nice hearing from you missed You.

    Been pretty warm here in the 80s during the day and cooler at night. The Holidays are always fun but now have to straighten out the house and put everything away. Probably go out and start taking all the lights down before it starts getting cooler. Keeping my Moringa covered peeked in under the sheet and the leaves are really sprouting. Might leave them covered until spring like a mini greenhouse. In the mood now to start using my bread machine again. Love the smell of bread baking. My sis will be coming next month so have to start getting things in order. Hopefully she will stay for awhile.
    Take care everyone.

  • Hi laura. Nice to see your posts.
    Sueanne I love hearing of your plants. I wish it were in the 80s here. The cold damp weather is bothering me.
    Have a great day ladies.
  • Happy New Year!! everyone..
    guess everyone, including myself, was super busy in December since there weren't many posts here.. I'm in between knitting projects right now, although going to start another one in a week or so..
    we had our family Christmas yesterday, but at dd#2's house 2 hours away.. they didn't have any transportation so dd#3 decided that we all needed to make the trip so we could all be together this one time a year.. and I was thankful that she did, I was a bit upset that we couldn't all get together, if I'd had my mini van I would have made the round trip to bring dd#2 and her family down here, but no one else would make the trip since it was 2 hours one way.. , but all turned out just fine..
    no other news around here.. just work and home most days.
    hope everyone has a safe and healthy New Year..
    take care all,