July 2016 Friendship Corner

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  • Have a great Saturday ladies.
  • Hope to have a nice relaxing weekend. Maybe go have coffee with a friend.

  • Hello to all of you, sounded like most of you if not all had a good July 4th, myself was with my daughter and her family.. Went to watch firework on the 3rd and 4th..
    On the 4th the firework display was at a church with things for kids to do, with a life band, well I was dancing as I hit uneven ground and down I came.
    bruise my wrist but never told anyone I was hurting, in fact I just laugh got up and started dancing again.. but the next morning the soreness was there when I woke up and it was stiff. , so in the morning each day it's so stiff but thankful I didn't damage it..

    For some of you that has been following my facebook page may have seen the video that my son in law took of me.. LOL

    also you may have seen my new adventure that I'm stepping up to do..
    I thought long and hard before I agreed to be part of it, but now i'm exciting and working toward it..
    you may be asking what is it? well I'm going to be in a Senior Pageant, NO it's not a beauty pageant, it a pageant for Senior and you have to been asked to be in it.. I felt honor to be asked by the director of it, that has been doing pageants for 30 + years even the Donald Trump ones, I believe the Miss American ones. so again I felt honor even more so after learning this.

    I will have to go thru an interview, write 50 words on Philosophy of life, modeling a long dress, and talent. In case you guess my talent will be dancing , you right on in your answer.
    I'll be doing Proud Mary, my daughter has helped me with a choreograph for the slow part and then I will free style dance during the fact part and wrap it up (if I can remember the steps and don't forget to) go back into a choreograph routine at the end.

    I'm doing this for several reasons,
    1. to show where I've been i life from the shy, shelter child that no one ever thought I could do anything to who I am today.
    2) In honor of John, as he always wanted me to overcome my low self esteem, and boy this is one way of stepping up to the plate to get out of my comfort zone.. and again to prove to myself I have came a long way.
    3) for fun, adventure, friendship, experience,
    4) to promote aging as I totally believe age is a # and as we grow older don't cave into the couch or chair, continue to enjoy life as much as you can..

    this is not a red hat pageant, but several of the red hat ladies that I do know are in it, one is a very dear friend of mine, so we are excited we can share this together for the first time, as it her first year as well..

    Beside doing this I'm on the ground floor of helping someone putting together a grief group for our area.

    Seems life is flip again for me, but in a good way, and I'm excited that I can be a part of.. just wish John was here to see me, but of course if he was, I wouldn't be helping putting together a grief group.. so again each thing as it's purpose as we life each day to it's fullest..

    Off I go now to play a few of the games, and get myself off to bed..
    Hugs and friendship

    below is the day I received my booklet for the pageant.


  • Oops, let me wish those that I haven't wish a Happy Birthday to, and those that are coming up..


  • Barb the pagent sounds so exciting. Keep us posted on how things go.
  • Congratulations Barb on your wonderful accomplishments!
  • Late happy birthday to those I missed.

    Jasmine and I went grocery shopping yesterday. It was hot, the humidity is in the 90s. Today it is suppose to be 103. It rained last night so it will be humid. We need to rain badly. The lakes are looking so much better.

    I pulled weeds in the garden today. I have to get the mess fixed this week or give up on the garden. I don't want to give up so I am pulling a lot of weeds. I hope I can save the plants. I am resting then I will take a shower, I need one. lol

    I came home from work Friday and Jasmine had organized the mess in my craft room and organized the walk in pantry. Jeremiah grilled a wonderful dinner. I almost cried. I had a fun day at work too. I worked all day by myself, very busy in the morning but dead in the afternoon. I have been put in charge of a book sale. It will be a continuing sale with one cart full of books, hardbacks for a $1, more for the sets. I am decorating the wall and the cart. I created with the Cricut most of the afternoon. I have a Silhouette so it is a bit of a learning curve but fun. We are using the school colors to decorate so I want to use the mascot too. I am making streamers from old books cut into circles.

    Congrats Barb!

    We have new neighbors too. This is a first for us, a family has moved into what was the parsonage. The church/our house now and parsonage/a rental are about twenty feet apart. They have little kids too. We are building a gate for the deck on the pool. We don't have a fenced in yard and it isn't in the budget now. I am thinking a pallet fence would look nice.
  • Connie: I wonder if the church/now house is a Pokemon Go stop? It is raining again so I have to drive my son to work, he can't take his scooter. We collect Pokemon balls on that game on the way, he does, I just drive. He can catch them even when I am driving. I slow down a little, lol.
    That game looks fun. Too bad people are acting crazy about it and doing dumb things. If you saw the latest news, here where I live in Palm Coast, a man shot at 2 boys in a car who were playing because they were parked outside his house. It was early like 1am but still, call the police, don't just walk out in the road and shoot.
    Stupid people like that give gun owners a bad name. That is not what a gun is for!

    I woke up to read that the town south of me, Daytona Beach, had an earthquake 3.7 out in the ocean. I didn't feel anything, or if I did, I slept through it.

    Congrats Barb! I'm so glad to see you enjoying life to it's fullest.

    My daughter went to Brimfield Antique Flea Markets yesterday - up in Ma. I miss that! She bought a beautiful stained glass window. I bet you'd like Brimfield Connie!

    Brimfield Flea Markets 2016 - Brimfield Antique Flea Markets 2016

  • Hi everyone.. Felicia, I had read about the boys being shot at and also about the earthquake.. I know there is a fault through FL but that earthquake came from the Atlantic.. glad there was no damage reported with that, but if it had happened at night I think more people would have felt it..

    Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes.. had a nice bd even though I had to work.

    Took dh to the neurosurgeon in Myrtle Beach and dh told him that we really would like a referral to a Wilmington dr, mainly because of the traveling.. closer to us. So, dr didn't even look at the cd sent from the hospital.. told dh that 'this visit didn't happen then', had to pay $27 for 15 minutes of his time though.. One bill already paid.. LOL.. I got the name of a good neurosurgeon in Wilmington and Jim called the primary care dr to give her the name for her to give to the Myrtle Beach neurosurgeon so he could refer dh.. hopefully we'll hear something this week.

    dh starts therapy on Monday, found out he'll be going twice a week the rest of this month.. Hopefully he'll be improved enough to cut back to once a week or not at all.

    dd#1's 41st bd is today.. her dh took her out to dinner and a movie (and he doesn't usually like to go to movies).. I'm going to fix her a bd dinner on Tuesday when I'm off and she's put her request in for oven barbecued chicken..

    sounds like you are doing great Barb.. a pageant is a large undertaking and I wish you luck, as well as with the grief group too..
    Connie.. weeking in this heat is also an accomplishment, don't think I could do it..

    Take care all, have a great week
  • Pam I weeded early! Before it was in the 90s.

    I don't know if we the now house/was a church is a Pokemon stop. I know Jasmine found Pokemoms in the house and outside.

    Feliscia that flea market looks like fun!!

    Fair is next week or this week? I want to enter some open class items. The other two years I entered, I was yelled at/ scolded about not doing things right. Seems things change and don't follow what is in the fair book. Crazy town.

    I have bought blinds twice and they still don't fit. Frustrating since I have to drive to the city to return them. I don't know if I will wait to buy more when I am back in the city or try to make something. Our kitchen gets so hot with these long windows. If I can find time I will make some. I have rods. I can make the ones I posted last month. Earlier this month? Out of fabric not burlap so I can wash them. I think I have some burlap like fabric in my stash. I wonder if I have enough. If nothing else I can use sheets!