July 2016 Friendship Corner

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  • Still hot in my part of Florida. Not as humid today so far.

    We got a new security system so will be installing that today.

    I can't wait for summer to be over.

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY trekmom (Pam).
    Have a fabulous day!!!!!
  • Wishing Pam [Trekmom] a very happy birthday!


  • Happy Birthday, trekmom (Pam)


  • Happy Birthday Pam!

    Have a wonderful day
  • It was hot out but it was not as humid. I FINALLY went out and got my hair cut! I had them take off 4 inches in length and layer it. Feels great. It is still long but it was so long before. The lady told me she hasn't seen anyone with hair as long as me in a long time, LOL.

    I went home and mowed my yard out front. Too hot to do the back. I will do it tomorrow.

    Then I took a nap! When I woke up my daughter and granddaughter were here to visit so that was nice.

  • Hello friends. Just dropping in to say hello.
    I am due for a hair cut as well. It is pulled back most of the time because of the humdiity. I sometimes think it is easier that way.
    Have a great day.

  • Had a !:30 appt. for dh with his Dr. to clean the wax out of his ears. Did use the drops the Dr. recommended before his visit. Got there a little earlier thought it was going to rain. Couldn't believe the doors were locked to the office. Called on the phone but no one answered just the answering machine. Was a place to sit but concrete benches. Was mad when the people were showing up that had appts. after me. At almost 1:30 they opened the doors. Told them that I didn't appreciate the waiting room was not available to get out of the heat this time of the year. Get in and she tells me he is not back from the hospital yet. Said I had the option to leave and make another appt. We sat for almost another hour to 2:30. Poor dh. and I were beat especially having to listen the jive they were playing over the speakers in the rooms. I think everyone was snoring by now in the waiting room with ds.
    He is a good Dr. when you finally get in too see him.
    Glad we only go every four months to the Drs.

  • Happy Friday ladies.

    Anyone have any weekend plans. Grands are coming tomorrow and we are going out for lunch. I have a gift card to use and I am looking forward to it.
  • No plans for me. Got to ride one of my son's scooters today, that was a lot of fun.