July 2016 Friendship Corner

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  • Hi all.. it was a little cooler today and yesterday.. didn't hit the triple digits they were predicting.. LOL

    had a thunder storm last night and tonight... more lightning and thunder tonight than last night though

    I'm unable to get into my email right now, hopefully I'll get that fixed tomorrow... the server changed the way to sign in and everyone with email was supposed to change their sign-in before one day last week.. mine didn't get changed because the link in their message does not work.. will try to stop by the office, but if not that a phone call should fix it..

    one of my associates was in a bad way on Friday. I really feel that she was having a nervous breakdown and I really hope that she is feeling better now.. don't know for sure, but I know they sent her home-just not sure how unless a member of management took her.. She was so frazzled she could not remember her locker combination.

    finally have two tomatoes on my tomato plants, hope they keep growing and I hope we get some more..

    that's it tonight, really need to get some sleep, dh's dr appointment is at 10 am..

    take care all,
  • Good morning. My deck garden is doing great. I am so happy. I have two tomato plants and they are the little cherry tomates. There are about 20 on each plant. My zuces and cuces are looking awesome.
    I hope your day is special.
  • Happy Birthday Felicia!
  • Thank you Lauri for the birthday wishes ~

    And Happy Birthday to Laurie S. It's nice sharing a birthday with you.

  • Happy birthday Felicia!!

    It is hot and humid here too. Suppose to storm this afternoon. I work at the library 1-5. I may have three days off in a row this week!!

    I have a friend who cleans houses. She loves it. Makes really good money too. I tried but people here want you to clean but they really don't want to pay for it. The last lady who asked me to clean wanted her house entire house cleaned every week. Her house is larger than mine, mine is 3000 square feet. But she didn't want to pay for more than two hours.

    My garden looks like crap. I simply do not have enough time to do everything here. Funny but not Pam. I am going through the same thing here. Not a fun thing to watch.
  • Connie: Thank you for the birthday wishes. I cleaned a house almost as large as mine[3000 like yours], all tile floors throughout and got paid 60.00 It took me 2 hours to vacuum and mop the place. And then I had to clean the bathrooms, kitchen and wipes stuff down. It is the same here. They want it cleaned but no one will pay descent. I made 90 on cleaning one half of a duplex the was 1/3 the size of the house I did a 2/2. And they provided the cleaning stuff. So it depends on who hires you. But I want the money to go on vacation that I got robbed of when my car started on fire.

    Today is really hot but not as humid. So the heat index said 110 around 11 am but the humidity isn't as high so it doesn't feel as terrible as it did yesterday.

    My neighbors behind me, the one I call the Dragon Lady, she doesn't have her a/c on. She has all her windows open. She is so loud and always yelling at her husband. She is the one who called the police on us about noise on the 4th of July and whose sprinklers were in my yard when we put the fence up. She's not a nice lady.

  • Happy Birthday Felicia and LaurieS.. hope your having a great day..

    glad your garden is doing well Lauri.. I just have two tomato plants, they look nice but not much on them.. do have two tomatoes on one plant, hopefully they will continue to grow without anything getting to them..

    took dh to the dr this morning and it went well, bp is good.. just a basic visit to keep his bp meds until his aneurysms are taken care of..

    warm here, but not too bad.. we had several thunder storms last night and ended up with 2 inches of rain overnight.. a guy about 10 miles from us had over 3 inches.. might get another one tonight..

    take care all,
  • Thanks for the birthday wishes Pam and Felicia.

    Felicia same here!

  • Was a little cooler this morning was going to go for blood work but changed my mine once I went outside to get the paper. It was so refreshing outside decided to rake up the fig tree leaves and water with a hose my fig trees and papaya. The rains have been going around us so everything is dry. New leaves and figs are replacing the fallen ones. Still pick a bowl every day.
    Came in and had a good breakfast felt good not to have to run out. Don't need an appointment so no rush. Vacuumed the carpets and cleaned around. Made some egg salad for lunch on whole grain white bread, was very filling bread.
    Dh ears started feeling better today and he can hear out of both of them. Guess the ear cleaner works. Glad the dr. will be cleaning them out.

    Happy Birthday to Felicia & Lauri.


  • Thank You Sueanne.

    You are very lucky to be able to pick your figs. I wanted to make some fig jam but I'm not sure I can find any out west here at our farmer stands.