July 2016 Friendship Corner

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  • Just checked the temperature outside it went up to 94* with the humidity at 52% wind 7 mph and fair. Use the weather channel. Just fed my Papaya tree the puree from my smoothie to give it a boost from the heat. Started eating all the Papaya I had frozen before the cold wave.
    Take care everyone.
  • Sueanne that is almost what mine is too. It is now 97 degrees with 49% humidity and 6mph winds.

    Lauri: When I lived in MA. it would get very humid there too. We had no A/C so we had to buy window units. One summer was terrible. I remember as kid we had a fan in the window and sweating all night.

  • This little town is zoned so no businesses in homes. Crazy. You can't buy a small house and convert it into a business either. Really I am burned out on clients complaining about my prices, my hours, what days I am open. It gets old fast.

    It is supposed to be cooler for the next ten days, highs in the 80s and low 90s. Maybe I will get my garden weeded.
  • Connie my town is like that too. You can't have a clothesline, you can't back your cars in your own driveway or park your work vehicle in your driveway. A lot of really stupid and annoying laws... I am not fond of my town.

    Another hot day in my part of the world.

  • It's another hot one. Almost 100 already and humidity is higher today.

    I took some tomato seeds and planted them a few days ago.

    I grow scallions year round and I just tried celery. I took the bottom part I cut off and put it in dirt, it already has growth on it.

    My 2 lemon trees I grew from seeds are getting bigger too.

    Today I babysit Ava.

  • I am very fortunate where I am,I guess. I am kind of in the woods but only like 1.5 miles from anything. I have huge clotheseline and we pretty much do what we want around here. We have neigbors but they are far enough that in the summer time with the trees we don;t see the houses.
    We got some needed rain and it is cooler today.
    My deck garden is doing awesome.
  • Of course we are small enough if you have a special last name the rules don't apply to you! I asked if I could use the community room for training Quigley. I am very scared about keeping peanut, nuts and seeds in our house! No I can't. It is a community room? Nope. Some of the reasons were valid and some were really out there. So I really don't like my town either.

    There was drama after I moved my stuff out of the salon. Later that afternoon, the mother contacted me saying I left the door wide open. She almost fainted when she saw that. Yes that is what she said. I said no, I locked it. She really had to dig to find something to complain about I think.
  • This is today's weather- it's sooooo hot!!! Check out the heat index ...... 124 !!!

    My stupid dh is up on our roof doing something to the gutters. I don't know why today he thinks he has to do it in this weather.



  • Did he get heat stroke? That is hot!!
  • Connie: No he survived. He is lucky.

    Today was hot and humid. I took my granddaughter for a walk on the beach then shopping. Then I went to go clean a house [a side job I do for extra money] by the time I was done it was storming bad. At least my plants got watered.