November 2015 Friendship

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  • Hi everyone!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!! Anyone have plans for the day? Dh will be watching football. I will make our dinner for around 5 or 6 PM. Will not be a good day for me. My son would have been 52 on Nov. 26th. I miss my family.


  • Good morning ladies.
    Subbing for now.
  • Well Hello November!

  • Happy November all.
    Not a great day for me either Sharon. Thanksgiving will
    be anniv of day we lost my precious niece Sherry Michele
    (always Sherry Shell to me) lost her in '12. Still hurts
    and lost her to cancer how I hate that disease. Taken
    way too many of my loved ones.
    Since it is just Judy & I here in house will be lot less
    no more BIG meal for Thanksgiving or Christmas, New
    Years. But we will celebrate thanking God for all HE
    has done for us
  • Sharon & Barb : Sorry that Thanksgiving makes those pains of loss feel fresh again. I think that is how Christmas will be for my sister, she still has a hard time with her daughter's death.

    I miss the old days, all my kids and other family together and sharing a day.
    Now I have my oldest and her family, my youngest son, my mother in law & not sure if anyone else will come. So many of lifes changes to adjust too.

  • I've been looking forward to November! I've already got my Thanksgiving menu planned!
  • Christmas is hard for me too Felicia. The only family I have left is a grandson and his family and I never see or hear from them. All you can do for your sister is to be there for her if she needs to talk or needs a hug. Will you be seeing her?

    Patti. I am thankful for what I do have and I do thank God for all he has done for me. I thank the angles for watching over me. We don't have big dinners here either. Buck says keep it simple and easy.

    Maybe we can join DeBora at her house!!!
  • Sharon: That is sad to hear. The older I get, the more I feel that my friends are my family. I have a few good ones. Sometimes I wish some of family corner gals lived closer. Imagine the Thanksgiving Dinner we could throw!

    I am cooking a big dinner even though I am not sure who is coming. I always cook big, don't know how to cook small. I came from a large family of 10 and then I made my own large family of 9. Now I have 8 grandkids. But now that my kids are older and they have their own families and their spouses families it isn't so easy. I still like to cook big and have a lot of left overs.

  • Sharon how sad
    that your G-son does not contact you. I have 3 grands
    that have nothing to do with me as well as a dau. BUT I have
    Gina, Kent & Steven just across the street so am VERY
    thankful for that.All of you will be in my prayers. And
    Fish hope lots come to your home for Thanksgiving.
    Part of the reason I don't do "big" anymore is because
    of all my joints can't stand no time without super
    pain. I've tried sitting down to do certain things
    but very awkward like cleaning out the turkey, standing
    at the stove stirring whatever gravy etc. So like I said
    just small for us
  • I am sorry for the pain the holidays bring so many of you & others in this word. Prayers for all
    It will be just my 3 dds & dgd plus dh & myself. It will be the usual stuff but simplified. We just don't need that much food. I like enough for leftovers for aa couple meals & soup