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seleach 10-31-2015 11:58 PM

November 2015 Friendship
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Hi everyone!!

Happy Thanksgiving!! Anyone have plans for the day? Dh will be watching football. I will make our dinner for around 5 or 6 PM. Will not be a good day for me. My son would have been 52 on Nov. 26th. I miss my family.

danstigerangel 11-01-2015 05:57 AM

Good morning ladies.
Subbing for now.

fish3711 11-01-2015 06:22 AM

Well Hello November!


Pag36 11-01-2015 06:50 AM

Happy November all.
Not a great day for me either Sharon. Thanksgiving will
be anniv of day we lost my precious niece Sherry Michele
(always Sherry Shell to me) lost her in '12. Still hurts
and lost her to cancer how I hate that disease. Taken
way too many of my loved ones.
Since it is just Judy & I here in house will be lot less
no more BIG meal for Thanksgiving or Christmas, New
Years. But we will celebrate thanking God for all HE
has done for us

fish3711 11-01-2015 07:06 AM

Sharon & Barb : Sorry that Thanksgiving makes those pains of loss feel fresh again. I think that is how Christmas will be for my sister, she still has a hard time with her daughter's death.

I miss the old days, all my kids and other family together and sharing a day.
Now I have my oldest and her family, my youngest son, my mother in law & not sure if anyone else will come. So many of lifes changes to adjust too.


DeBora4BobbyL 11-01-2015 08:50 AM

I've been looking forward to November! I've already got my Thanksgiving menu planned!

seleach 11-01-2015 01:42 PM

Christmas is hard for me too Felicia. The only family I have left is a grandson and his family and I never see or hear from them. All you can do for your sister is to be there for her if she needs to talk or needs a hug. Will you be seeing her?

Patti. I am thankful for what I do have and I do thank God for all he has done for me. I thank the angles for watching over me. We don't have big dinners here either. Buck says keep it simple and easy.

Maybe we can join DeBora at her house!!!

fish3711 11-01-2015 10:07 PM

Sharon: That is sad to hear. The older I get, the more I feel that my friends are my family. I have a few good ones. Sometimes I wish some of family corner gals lived closer. Imagine the Thanksgiving Dinner we could throw!

I am cooking a big dinner even though I am not sure who is coming. I always cook big, don't know how to cook small. I came from a large family of 10 and then I made my own large family of 9. Now I have 8 grandkids. But now that my kids are older and they have their own families and their spouses families it isn't so easy. I still like to cook big and have a lot of left overs.


Pag36 11-02-2015 05:48 AM

Sharon how sad
that your G-son does not contact you. I have 3 grands
that have nothing to do with me as well as a dau. BUT I have
Gina, Kent & Steven just across the street so am VERY
thankful for that.All of you will be in my prayers. And
Fish hope lots come to your home for Thanksgiving.
Part of the reason I don't do "big" anymore is because
of all my joints can't stand no time without super
pain. I've tried sitting down to do certain things
but very awkward like cleaning out the turkey, standing
at the stove stirring whatever gravy etc. So like I said
just small for us

cau 11-02-2015 08:17 AM

I am sorry for the pain the holidays bring so many of you & others in this word. Prayers for all
It will be just my 3 dds & dgd plus dh & myself. It will be the usual stuff but simplified. We just don't need that much food. I like enough for leftovers for aa couple meals & soup

fish3711 11-02-2015 02:37 PM

I like leftover turkey and ham to make things like soups, chilis etc. Plus I can freeze it till I am ready to make what I want.
I am dog sitting. My daughtes dog Emma was my dog first. She is one of my other 2 dogs babies. Well she isn't a baby anymore. She is 7 years old now!!!!! Time flies. She is sweet but pees every where. I'll be mopping my floors tomorrow with white vinegar after she is gone.
Very hot and humid today. I almost put the a/c back on because it got to 86 inside the house. But I sweat it out.....

danstigerangel 11-03-2015 02:44 AM

Good morning ladies.
It is supposed to be beautiful here this week in the Pocono's. It is supposed to be in the 60's 70's. I love it!
I had a great visit with my Pulmonary Doctor in Philadelphia yesterday! My cat scan showed no changes to the nodule they are watching and also no change to the emphysema. So I will continue doing the therapy I am doing. I go back in May.
Sending hugs to all who are missing loved ones. I still cry over my niece who we lost in August.
Well I better get my list together. I have some errands to run and I need to stop at the grocery store for a few things.

fish3711 11-03-2015 06:48 AM

Lauri: I'm so happy to hear you had good news!!

still watching the dog. I think her staying here is like a vacation for her. I'm about to give her bath, also known as a spa, ha ha.


danstigerangel 11-04-2015 03:06 AM

Thank you Felicia!
It has been really quiet around here.
Felicia I like to have the leftovers from turkey and ham as well. I love making turkey soups and there are so many things you can throw ham in.
Well ladies have a great day!

cau 11-04-2015 09:12 AM

I enjoy the leftover more. The stress of getting the big meal on the table is over. Dh has kidney disease do no more ham here. I miss it

bluebird 11-04-2015 07:00 PM

I forgot to join this months thread!

I am sorry so many of us hurt during the holidays.

I love Thanksgiving leftovers. Jasmine always makes a huge pan of our recipe of green bean casserole. She uses my largest pan. They gobble it up.

Getting used to working at nights. Last week I had more massages than I have had in three months. That plus getting used to all the vacuuming and mopping the office, I was so sore. Figure I am getting a workout too. Win win.

Laurie glad you had good news at the doctor. I have a appointment with a naturepath next month. If I come up with the money, insurance doesn't pay this doctor.

danstigerangel 11-05-2015 03:59 AM

Connie I am so glad to hear things are going well at work!!!!

Just dropping in to say hello.

fish3711 11-05-2015 03:17 PM

Connie that is a win win!

Not much going on. Just busy working and babysitting.


danstigerangel 11-06-2015 04:41 AM

Good morning ladies. Happy Friday! Anyone have any weekend plans?
None here......chillaxin' I guess!
Hubby is headed to NH to visit with his folks. I plan on working on some ornaments and reading!

Have a great day all.

fish3711 11-06-2015 07:16 AM

No plans...........
Not sure what we'll do.


bluebird 11-06-2015 08:31 AM

I hope it is nice enough to work on my laundry room sink project. Love this for an Outdoor Sink! My tub isn't that large but it fits Gizmo nicely. Gregg wants to go visit his dad but I don't think that is going to work out this weekend.

Sueanne 11-06-2015 12:57 PM

Had a good time today checking out the Flea Market for the residents today before the one for outsiders tomorrow. Works out fine not as crowded and get to see everyone. It is only from 1- 3:30 so we don't buy everything out. I know they have more stuff to put out tomorrow for the public. Always ma age to find things I can use. Bought a farberware electric fry pan for &5.00. Never have enough room on the stove for everything especially large pans. Bought a new small coated pan too need it for scrambled eggs for $2.00. Blouses were $1.00 each bought five. Large security box water proof and fire proof for $15.00 mine was full and too tight. A six shelf wrought iron plant stand for $5.00 gift from ds. A large storage box for clothes $2.00.
Of cause I bought a flowering plant for butterflies with red flowers to pollinate my fruit and veggies that blooms all year and is perennial the name is Gaura. Also found a lot of odds and ends that are useful around the house cheap.
Will go back tomorrow since it is open longer to see what else I can use.

fish3711 11-06-2015 01:20 PM

Sueanne sounds like you got some good deals. I like going to Estate sales. They have a lot here. You can go to Find Estate Sales and find ones near you.

I'm craving Mac & Cheese! Homemade not store bought. :)


cau 11-08-2015 11:32 AM

Felicia I love the homemade stuff. Last time I saved bit of all different kinds of cheese & made it with that plus a small amount of blue. Turned out delish

Susanne you had quite a good haul

Connie did you get to the sink??

Went out to dinner last night to help dh & wife celebrate their anniversary, we had a wonderful time. Otherwise a nice quiet relaxing Sunday here

fish3711 11-08-2015 03:08 PM

I cleaned today. We emptied every cabinet out so we could spray for bugs. Then I went through everything, washed everything and reorganized it. I washed all my floors. It's so nice to have a super clean house again!
We also went over and sprayed my daughters house for bugs.
Ate subway for dinner.


Sueanne 11-08-2015 04:42 PM

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Felicia: Spent the day getting rid of old bills in the filing cabinet and trying to organize papers with the new security box. Now with the new tv cabinet have more room for storage. Hardest part is remembering where you move things afterwards.
Dh was really pleased with the cabinet. Took the time to polish it with lemon oil to bring out the wood designs. Did the rest of my furniture too in the room. Cut up the two big papayas that were ripe in slices and froze in individual freezer bags. They will come in handy for different desserts. Never enough time to get everything done especially when you are the cook too. I usually spread outside bug killer granules they like the mulch around the house. A good bug spray works inside too.

fish3711 11-08-2015 05:39 PM

We use this stuff for bugs. Demon WP, Demon Insecticide - Free Shipping
We had great results with the Demon WP. It does so many kinds of bug. We use it outside too. I only use it once a year. It works that good I don't have to do it more than that.
I've wanted to clean my kitchen cabinets for a while now. Glad that is done.

Sueanne I know what you mean about polishing wood. I love the way it looks.

Tomorrow I will be back to listing ebay stuff.


DeBora4BobbyL 11-09-2015 04:12 AM

Felicia, I added leftover roasted butternut squash to the white sauce in my mac and cheese last time I made it and the kiddos loved it.

cau 11-09-2015 07:54 AM

Felicia love the feeling of accomplishment after a deep clean like that. I need to do my cabinets too.

Sueanne you are so right on no time when you cook. Seems I finish 1 then start another

DeBora good to hear from you, hope all is going well

I had grand plans for today but was a fool & ate ice cream, even though I am lactose intolerant. I've been nauseated , burping & generally feeling like garbage since then. I do hate it when I am stupid

fish3711 11-09-2015 10:43 AM

DeBora that sounds yummy, great idea!

Today is eBay day. Listing more stuff to sell.

Looks like rain outside. I want it to rain. I just planted a lavender bush my friend gave to me. Never had one before. It was half dead when I got it and I hope to save it. Sure smells nice!


Sueanne 11-09-2015 01:23 PM

Been getting up at 6:00 now with daylight saving time. Getting a lot more done in the morning even have time to read the paper with breakfast. Put out my old tv console for recycling tomorrow hated to see it go. Started cutting back my fig tree branches so that I can reach them without breaking limbs pulling them back. Cut off some of the cut branches that had figs on them and planted them in gardening soil with fertilizer in containers. Hopefully the figs attached still keep getting larger. Will see if the larger branches will root in water. These trees are twenty five years old and were very fruitful twice a year. Want to start some new ones for my sister and her friend new homes. Should be getting cooler next week and the rain will help.
Have to stop to eat, chicken thighs are cooking in the electric faber ware pan I got at the flea market Saturday.

cau 11-10-2015 09:14 AM

Sueanne I love my electric fry pan & use it a lot

Weather pretty decent for November. Days in the 50s& night in the 30s, so no complaints here. I lived through my stupidity & am feeling ok now. Not much going on

fish3711 11-10-2015 01:57 PM

Today was errand day. It was gloomy out, cloudy and overcast. Kind of nice though because for once it wasn't hot!

I just ate some pumpkin pie. Yum!


bluebird 11-10-2015 07:45 PM

I love butternut squash.

Yes we got the sink part way done. Planned on finishing it tomorrow but the wind is going to blow.

Sorry I haven't been around. Dh is having some problems. He sees his shrink tomorrow. He needs in patient care I think. Trying to prepare myself for that. I am angry and scared at the same time.

danstigerangel 11-11-2015 12:48 AM

It was so damp and dreary yesterday. Plain bone aching weather.
Hubby brought home several acorn and butternut squash from my in laws. They still have quite a garden. Yummy!
Sending you prayers and hugs Connie.
Happy Wednesday everyone.

fish3711 11-11-2015 05:55 AM

Connie sending prayers your way.

Lauri sounds yummy! I only have scallions still growing. I can grow those year round here in Fl.

Not much going on. I am busy today with my 2 grandsons who I took over night. And my dd's dog. Noah will be 3 on the 30th this month. He keeps me busy!


Sueanne 11-11-2015 12:49 PM

Planting cuttings from fig tree
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Planted the cutting from my fig tree looks like they are taking. Put the larger branches in a mulch bag with water to see if they root. Hate to throw away any part of this fig tree it is precious to me.
Have some cuttings of wandering Jews plants in water coffee cans.
If they take bought some potting soil I can use.

The weather is beautiful seventies in the morning and eighties in the afternoon with 57* humidity. Everything is in full bloom even the Pointsettas. Should be a little cooler next week in the seventies save on electric.
Connie: Sorry to hear about your dh. Is it because of all your parents back home getting sick? My prayers are with you and your family.
Please take care of yourself too.

danstigerangel 11-12-2015 02:41 AM

Sueanne your Poisettias are beautiful! I had no idea you could grow them.
Just wanted to stop in and say hello.
Nothing much going on here.
Have a great day!

fish3711 11-12-2015 10:10 AM

Sueanne I admire all your plants/trees!!

Connie hope you are doing well.

Hi Lauri!

bluebird 11-12-2015 10:45 AM

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Thanks everyone. I am doing better. Of course when I asked about his appt, he said it is next week. I told him to call and get in asap but I don't think he will. I asked what is wrong but he says he doesn't know. I think it is a mixture of his dad being in a nursing home and guilt over something he did. Not to be mean but he needs to learn to deal with life. His family is the same, they either fall apart to the point of needing medical care or pretend it never happened. It will be different this time.

We are on the last stretch of the cabinets. I am tired of the mess in the kitchen! I dislike the tile. I just painted subway tile. I am ignoring it until I think of something else. One wall is 100 plus year old plaster so I won't put real tile up.

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