Halloween Songs

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  • Does any one know of any Halloween songs for 1-5 year olds?
    The only one I know is

    Jack-o-lantern, Jack-o-lantern you are such a pretty site.
    Sitting there in the window, looking out at the nite.
    You were once a yellow pumpkin, growing on a sturdy vine.
    Now your a Jack-o-lantern, let your little lite shine.
  • My daughter learned the days of the week last year by singing it to the Addams Family song. I know that it's not Halloween but that's what I would think of when she sang it. It was so cute!

    Check out this site. There are some cute ideas there.

    I'll have to ask her if they are singing anything in school this year. She hasn't been signing anything but the "Pledge of Allegiance" - and until my son started at this school, I never knew there actually was a song for it.

    Teachers nowadays are so clever and make up songs for everything!
  • Thanks Tami,
    Maddie learned the days that way also.
    I'll have to ask her what they are singing.
    Sometimes she'll say nothing, but then I hear her singing something.
  • five little pumpkins sitting on a gate
    the first one said oh my it's getting late
    the second one said there are witches in the air
    the fourth one said lets run lets run
    the fifth one said isn't halloween fun
    then wooo went the wind and woosh went the lights
    And 5 little pumpkins rolled out of site

    Hugs debbie
  • sing this to 3 blind mice
    Three black cats, three black cats,
    In black hats, in black hats,
    They all jumped into the Halloween brew.
    They teased the ghosts & the goblins too!
    Have you ever seen such a Hullabaloo??
    On Halloween, On Halloween!

    hugs debbie
  • sing to oh my darling

    In The graveyard...my kids loved this one

    In the grave yard,
    In the grave yard,
    When the moon begins to shine,
    There's a doctor, crazy doctor,
    and his monster Frankenstein.

    Oh, my monster,
    oh, my monster,
    oh, my monster Frankenstein,
    you are very, very scary, don't come
    near me Frankenstein.

    Hugs debbie
  • Sung to twinkle twinkle

    Pumpkin pumpkin on the ground
    How'd you get so big and round
    Planted as a seed so small
    Now you are a great big ball
    Pumpkin pumpkin on the ground
    How'd you get so big and round

    Hugs debbie
  • great site


    Hugs debbie
  • here is anouther awsome site I use


    Hugs debbie
  • pumkin songs


    Hugs debbie