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Old 08-28-2009, 01:22 PM
bluebird's Avatar
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I have been so sad today. Could not figure out why either. It is dd's 19th birthday!!! Niether grandparents could be bothered to send thier dgd a card much less a gift. Not even a phone call. Now that I know why I was sad, I can concentrate on her birthday. She baked her cake and decorated it. She insists on doing this. lol She used the bright neon food colors. It is so pretty! Wild too but completly Jasmine. She makes her dinner too. lol Stuffed manicotti. Yummy! I have taught them well, haven't I?

Happy Birthday Donna!!

Theresa everyone here says 'crap on a cracker' now. You started a trend!

I don't get notices often the site is a pain to use. I will be so happy when they upgrade.

Here is a crazy thought if anyone would like to send dd and then on the 17th for dds2, a birthday card please pm or email me. I talked to dd and she is hurt. I would like to do something to make it up to her and surprise them both. I could be nasty and post it on FaceBook for the community to see what our families are really like ...... but I won't. I will be doing some hard thinking about sending cards to our parents from now on. It doesn't feel right to send them cards when they ignore the kids like this. I think they should get the same treatment.
Don't stay were you are tolerated, go where you are celebrated!
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Old 08-28-2009, 03:46 PM
boggsZ's Avatar
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Connie happy birthday to you dd and yes you have taught them well
and i agree on the Crap on a Cracker Theresa did start a trend i catch myself saying that all the time and dd will just look at me weird like iv lost it lol

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Old 08-28-2009, 06:45 PM
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Hi All Well 1st hope no one sent the dogs out looking for me Wow alot to read and my eyes are tired and please forgive me if I do not answer all.
But Barbsey sorry about your Dad my condolences.
Bar Bar great news about school keep up the good work and thanks for the phone call last night.
Sueanne love the watermelons YUM.
Sandie I know what you are going through hang in there girl now you know what I am going through alot I can relate but wouldn't have it any other way glad she has a walking cast.
DeBora you are a GREAT LADY and doing a fabulous job with those GKS tell your daughter to stuff it and you and hubby enjoy those kids they deserve you not them.
Train congrats on going back to learn computers.
Patti how are you doin?
Sharon hope you are enjoying your vacation.
DebK Great job on house and your son hope you are enjoying vacation.
Sammi so sorry about the difficult boy hope it can change soon and you can get back to a normal routiue and yes this weather is horrible I can relate to that love the cool weather now but not too cold.
Hi to all the rest can't remember anymore.

Ok now since I have left things have not been going well at all as you all know my computers were hit with virus that were terible both lap top and desk one so they got fixed and low and behold wham I got hit again and this computer desktop has not been on since he fixed it so computer man back again so we figure is is the phone lines someone here is tapped into that has a computer who know but have a expensive program on them now so hope all will be fine and my phone lines haave been messing up when I get calls on my cell saying why are you talking so long and I don't have the phone in my hand it happen today when I was in the car and no one was home but one my end dead line so I have to unplug all 3 phones and then we are back on again UGH so anyways am thinking of going to cable and getting rid of home phome and just run my cell don't know have to think about it. Anyways then as most of you know or not I am taking John away to downeast , Maine for a week and hopefully on the cat to Nova Scotia for the day (doubth that will happen) but who know but in the meantime my car I brought last week into the garage casue I smell gasoline and could not find any leaks will it is the gas sederue to the gas gas and when they drop the gas tank where it is a 99 the tank has to be replced andoh the fuel filter also must be changed so to the tune of $974.00 and car regertration is in Sept also so no car till I get the money up so our neighbor Roland Haskell said we could take his car downeast for the week so we leave Monday morning and return Sat this was surpose to be for my birthday and our anniversay is Sept 5th wow what a mess and now John he is very week one meal if that a day won't take his meds,weak legs and arm my day constent of up in the morning get him dress, he won't eat anything, sits in chair unless we have to go to physical therphy, need help out of chairs, I buy him his Subs so at least he has something,movement when walking very slow, bed time get in into bed undress him and that is it in the meantime I am trying to keep house clean ans weorry about other thing ans when he calls I jump so he WANTS to go to Bar Harbor and like I said I will do it but he also need help getting in and out of the car also legs are weak they did notice it at PT and gave excersies but do you think he does it NO. So that is my life not much but I do casue I LOVE HIM. 1964-2009 yrs of marriage. Oh gosh before I forget THANK YOU ASLL for the birthday wishes...Hugs and Love to all. If I get a chance downeast I will get on line if I can.
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RIP Donna-Marie
You will be truly missed.

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Old 08-29-2009, 12:09 PM
danstigerangel's Avatar
Nine Year Member
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A belated Happy Birthday Donna Marie! I hope things start to go smoother. Hugs to you.
Barb---It nbrought tears to my eyes when I read about your dd helping out your ds.
Not much of anyhting going on here. Just thought I'd drop in and say hello.

Proud Granny of Maddox Timothy Joseph and Saorla Laurie Elizabeth and Graham Michael Eric!

You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try.
Beverly Sills
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Old 08-29-2009, 03:08 PM
seleach's Avatar
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Location: Somewhere over the rainbow
Posts: 14,165
I have finally gotten all the posts read.

Barbszy, so sorry about your FIL. Prayers for all the family.

Crafty, belateded Happy Birthday wishes. I hope your planned trip goes well.

Karen, a belated Happy Anniversary to you and dh.

Theresa, you have been busy. Sorry about the tent. Hopefully Glen will be able to find some poles or posts or something that he can use to make it work. I wouldn't buy anything more from Sears either.
Come here anytime to vent about anything. We all do. Friends listen.

DeBora, glad you finally got the school problem taken care of. What a run around that was. There was no reason for all that to have happened.

Bar_bar, sounds like you are enjoying school. Glad you are registered for work with more than one school.

Sammi, sorry to hear the little boy is bouncing off the walls. That is a shame his dad didn't confirm the appointment. That kid needs professional help. Glad work is picking up for you.

Sueanne, the watermelons look yummy.

Joy, sorry to hear you broke down on the highway and had to get a tow.

I know there was more to reply too but have forgotten what else I read.

Our first night of vacation, it was so cool, we had to have a fire going in the fireplace.
Sun. was a better day weather wise. I started reading my book. Buck went fishing.
Mon and Tues I ended up going fishing late afternoon through early evening. 4 1/2 hours each time. I cannot stand being out there that long at a time. I decided that was enough fishing for me. Buck on the other hand was out early in the morning and back between 12-1PM. Out again in the afternoon.
Tues morning we had a thunder storm. Over with by noon so he was out in the boat in a flash.
Wed. we did go out to eat at Little Bohemia Lodge, hideout of John Dillinger. Babyface Nelson and other gangsters. They put us in what they call the Bullet Room. Best place they could have put us as that is where the bullet holes are in the wall and windows. They have put new windows in front of the old ones so the bullet holes and broken out glass panes are still there. Took pictures.
Thurs, beautiful weather day.
Finished my book. Read Stephen King's 'The Stand'. Also did cross stitching. And had a book of Find the Words while I was up there.
Took a walk every day and enjoyed the woods. Went looking for pine cones. Buck fished 10-11 hours a day total. We came back witih 30 perch, 3 walleye, 1 bass and 6 crappies. Very poor fishing. They just weren't biting worth a darn. With that much time spent out on lakes for a week, we should have had 200 or more to bring back.
Fri. it rained all day. We packed up and left. Drove acorss to Lanoa and visited with Buck's brother for a while. On the way home we had a black bear run acorss the road in front of us. We did stop in time. First time either one of us saw a bear cross a major highway in daylight. Not unusual on a country road. There are a lot of bear and wolves in the north woods. More than there used to be. Even some moose have moved in. Saw deer tracks right next to our cottage.
So Buck did a lot of fishing and I did a lot of relaxing.
We were very glad to get back home. No place like home. My own bed and comfortable furniture.
I missed my computer and everyone here.
Our bird was very happy when we walked in the door. He started squawking and whisteled. 3 cats came to see us. The youngest one of course was mad at being left. She came around to her friendly self around midnight.
Buck mowed lawn today, I pulled beets and picked some tomatos. Got some of the laundry done.

Hi to everyone.
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Old 08-29-2009, 03:36 PM
boggsZ's Avatar
Eight Year Member
FamilyCorner Fanatic
Join Date: May 2004
Location: WV
Posts: 4,525
Sharon sounds like you had a great vacation but are glad to be home. so happy you had a good time

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Old 08-29-2009, 10:38 PM
BuddyBeanieBaby's Avatar
Six Year Member
FamilyCorner Lunatic
Join Date: Sep 2006
Location: ~Between Twilight & New Moon~
Posts: 130,322
Crap on A Cracker......I love that saying...

Got raspberry and peach jams made yesterday...

We are thinking of buying a new truck...Maybe next week...

Sharon its great to have you back...

Barbszy I think that was so sweet what your daughter did for her brother...Prayers continue for you and your family...

Felicia how is your niece doing...

Connie Happy Birthday to your daughter...

Karen its great to see you's Tom the Turkey knew I would ask...

bar_bar glad you are liking school...

Patti hope you are doing well...

Lauri how was your first week back to work...

Hi to everyone

Smiles & Hugs...
Live With Courage...Love With Faith...Laugh With Hope...
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Old 08-30-2009, 04:40 AM
happymomof4's Avatar
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Location: Pennsylvania
Posts: 5,935
Happy Sunday to everyone. DD#2 and my niece went to Dorney Park today for a last of the season amusment park rides. Don't think they will get back there before the end of September when the park official closes.

Dh and I will just hang out at the house today. We heard thru the grapevine that the VFW bar got hit really bad from the state inspection last week. One of the violations was the dishwasher that they use for all the beer glasses. Dh always delimed it once a month. I guess nobody has done it sense the last time he did it the end of May beginning of June. I kind of thought it was funny. They probably think dh made a phone call but he didn't. Dh said let them blame it on him he doesn't care. They will slowly realize how much he really did for that bar for free.
Have a wonderful day.

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Old 08-30-2009, 05:05 AM
boggsZ's Avatar
Eight Year Member
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Join Date: May 2004
Location: WV
Posts: 4,525
Hey theresa tom is getting really big and his beard is almost touching the ground ill have to take a new pic for you of him soon

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Old 08-30-2009, 05:41 AM
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In some hip and knee not to mention lower back pain so am not going to church this morning . I hope to just hang around house today, read paper, clip coupons, read on porch if cool enough. Yep don't feel so great.
Hope all are having a nice Sunday
I will take what I am served knowing someone out there is being served MUCH less
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