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  • If you were to be stuck on a train what five books, five movies and five foods would you want with you? (You have a portable DVD player.) I would HATE that, you know, being stuck on a train but if I WAS here is what I would want!

    I would take the next five books on my library list which are:
    There's no place like here
    Born on a Blue day
    Catchin Genius
    As hot as it was you ought to thank me
    Aprons on the clothesline

    5 movies:
    Sweet November (Chalize Theron)
    Love song for Bobby Long (John Travolta)
    Broken Flowers (Bill Murray)
    13 Going on 30 (Lennifer Garner) and
    Save the LAst Dance (Julia Stiles)

    Assuming I had plenty of Coke Zero I would take:
    peanut butter
    thick sliced homemade bread
    a bag of fresh fruit from the farmers market
    Baked lays chips
    a whole marionberry pie!

    How bout you??!!


  • Hmm lets see

    5 Books would be

    one on card making to give me some ideas(for when I returned home)
    Somewhere in Heaven(story about Dana and Christopher Reeves)
    Sweet Life by mia king
    The newest Janet Evanovich book
    Chicken soup book

    5 Movies
    Dirty Dancing
    13 going on 30
    Kate and Leopold
    Youve' got mail

    Food(assuming I have a cooler)

    veggies and dip
    jolly rancher candy
    Humous and pita chips
    Canned tuna and crackers(individual single serving packs)

    hugs debbie
  • 5 Books
    5 Books from library I go to before trip (which I usually do) I usually do not reread books but if needed Linda Lael Miller is favorite

    5 Movies
    Dirty Dancing
    Last of the Dog Men
    Lonesome Dove
    You've Got Mail
    30 Dates

    5 Foods
    Martins Kettle Cooked Chips
    Hidden Valley Dip Mix
    Hard Boiled Eggs
  • I would take...
    5 books-by VC Andrews

    5 Movies-
    Sweet November
    The Lake House
    Fools Gold
    A Walk to Remember
    Hope Floats

    5 Foods-
    Veggies and Dip
    Rice Cakes
    Jelly Beans

    Smiles & hugs...
  • Theresa,
    We both chose "Sweet November." Don't you love that movie??!!

    hugs, train
  • 5 Books (or Authors):
    A. My Bible
    B. Margaret Mitchell's "Gone With The Wind"
    C. Any of the Debbie Macomber "Cedar Cove" Books after #8 (that I haven't read yet)
    D. Marta Perry (Historical-Mystery Romance)
    E. Word Search / Find - A- Word

    5 Foods:
    A. Coffee (decaf / Caffeinated)
    B. Water
    C. Chocolate
    D. Carrots
    E. Wheat or all grain Bread

    5 Movies:
    A. Gone With the Wind
    B. Animal House
    C. "Harry Potter" (series)
    D. Polar Express
    E. Caddy Shack
  • I love Dirty Dancing.... but I would want to get up and dance with it, which is also why I didn't choose Rocky Horror Picture show. ;-)

    Lots of good choices and ideas... Thanks for asking Donna. Are you getting ideas for your upcoming trip in July?
  • Jen,
    No, I've got my packing list made out already!
    Just a fun and silly question!

    I don't take a DVD player with me actually. I like watching the scenery, reading and eavesdropping! LOL!!!

    hugs, train
  • I like looking at the scenery too and reading as well as napping not to mention "eavesdropping" lol
  • KSJEn6891, nice to see another Rocky Horror fan on here! lol

    Hmmm, my five books would be"
    Talk Before Sleep
    Hank & chloe
    Of Mice and Men
    The Mercy of Thin Air
    any book by James Lee Burke

    For food I would take"
    fresh fruits and veggies

    For movies I would take
    Thelma & Louise
    The whole HBO Six Feet Under series
    The Butterfy Effect

    (I own the movie Sweet November too and love it!)