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Idle Chit Chat! Just want to chat with your FC friends? Come on in and talk it up!

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Old 10-25-2008, 03:26 PM
Sammi1961's Avatar
Assistant Moderator
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Location: Maine
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Coll, I hope things work out for your ds and his college credits. I can’t imagine his advisor would sign off it he didn’t actually have enough credits.

Joy, I am glad your workshop went well. Hopefully all your learned will stick with you until you are actually ready to start your planning. I think I would rather have a workshop closer to the time when the program would be run. Sounds like you are making great progress on your paper. Hope you get to spend some time with your big ds this weekend even though he is helping move people.

Connie, glad your ds and his wife are willing to help with the spaghetti dinner. It is shameful no one else will pitch in. I am glad the surgery on your mil went well. It is too bad she is missing out on knowing her grandchildren and how wonderful they are. It is certainly her loss. Very sorry to hear someone else is opening up a massage practice where you had hoped to have yours. Is there a way you can finish up your classes and get your license? I do know that one way or the other things will get better for you.

Sharon, sounds like you are doing well getting ready for colder weather. I haven’t had my garden tilled either. I am so behind on yard work. Hopefully I can get more outside work done this week. Glad your dentist appointment went well. Thank you for updating us on Donna-Marie. Glad her dh was able to come home and I hope things get better for both of them.

DebK, Our church does spaghetti dinners too but we have never done take out. That is a good idea. I cannot imagine having dc children come at 6 a.m. or having children be in daycare at 4 a.m. anywhere. Do those children take early naps? You must be exhausted at the end of the week. I have to say that your pictures showed the worst chimney job I have ever seen! I cannot imagine how this man stays in business. It sounds like you are doing everything right to get this man to court. Will you be able to get someone else to fix the job before the really cold weather sets in so you can use the woodstove? Hope the costume sewing is going well.

Sueanne, I have to say a root canal does not sound fun at all!!! I am very glad it is over for you. I hope you are feeling better now.

Felicia, I am sorry Universal Studios was a big let down. I would think they would do an awesome job with Halloween Horror Nights. I hope you are having a good weekend and were able to get all of your errands done.

Motherof2, Hope you have a great time camping this weekend with no rain.

DeBora, I am so absolutely sorry that your dh did not get the job in Africa. I do hope you both find out the reason why. I thought for sure he would get that job. I am glad, though, that he did get the job in Oklahoma. I know the thought of moving and school and him starting a new job right now must be very overwhelming but I know things will work out. It is good your dh will have some money towards moving expenses and I hope you can find the perfect place for your home. I hope that Oklahoma is similar to Texas or NM when it comes to practicum hours needed for being able to practice. You and your dh are in my prayers that things work out for both of you. Hope you can catch up on some rest. Very funny about the red sweatshirt with the white t-shirt. I have had that happen too. What is the secret for getting the red out???

Theresa. I sure hope you are feeling better and hope you can get to the doctors soon. Chest pain does not sound good. I am very sorry to hear that Glen needs another surgery. I hope that this time everything goes well and that he heals quickly. I know it must be discouraging but hopefully things will start to get better for both of you. You both are always in my prayers.

Denahowy, glad you were able to get your plants in. It is getting pretty cold here too.

So far this has been a quiet weekend. Friday night we just stayed in and watched tv. Today I got all the dining room and living room windows washed and the fall/winter curtains hung up. I totally cleaned both rooms too which always makes me feel good. Ds2 mowed the front lawn for me. Dh actually re-did our cable wiring so it looks better now (hard to explain) and it had been needed to be done for years. We are also putting cable in dd’s room for her. Ds2 and I watched some scary movies together on AMC. Tomorrow I get to go grocery shopping, and get more cleaning done. I am now going to go finish some laundry. Hope everyone is having a good evening.
“Before you speak, it is necessary for you to listen, for God speaks in the silence of the heart.”

[CENTER]~Mother Theresa

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Old 10-25-2008, 03:41 PM
Coll's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2003
Location: Greensburg, PA
Posts: 8,381
Maddie and I went to the Halloween shop to look around. We had fun making fun of some of the costumes. Some of them are so pricey.
We also went to the Dollar store. Lots of stuff I wanted but... no place to store them after the holiday.
DeBora, I'm sorry that Bruce didn't get the job he wanted. Hopefully he will like the one he did get.
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Old 10-25-2008, 04:04 PM
seleach's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2005
Location: Somewhere over the rainbow
Posts: 14,165
Update from Donna-Marie.
As you will see, I have been keeping her updated also.
wow a lot going on sorry I am missing maybe I might get a chance to get on but John has me hopping a a lot hon can I have this, hon look at this blood, hon get me a drink. today I left him alone for about 45 mins and he called my cell phone 3 time LOL men. Anyways I picked up some cards that I needed to then went food shopping at least I have to eat. but while going thru the store it clicked why not make a beef stew so picked up carrots, celery,onions, and I looked at the beef stew meat and they were more expensive then the pot roast so I got the pot roast and some other things and orange juice & bananas, &a couple of tangerines and finally came home and got them home and John says what's this so I said do you want to make a beef stew and together we put it together so I got him to do something at the very least now tomorrow I will thicken it up and have it tomorrow night. Yes we are suppose to get heavy rains tonight with wild winds so lights might go out.
So sorry about to hear about
DeBora husband not getting that job in Africa
and craftchick brother passing glad she was with him.
Wow glad DebK is suing that contractor I would of had the fire department like to see that and get his name and number what a jerk glad she is sueing but in the mean time no wood stove and it will be cold and a lot no one will do in winter hope they cover it up with a heavy tarp so the rain does not get in.So bad Suzanne is having so much pain on the root canal program,Prayers and thought going out to Bluebird's MIL,Poor Dval hubby what pain he must be going thru,and yes Sharon I do know that the price of food has sky rocketed in the last couple of weeks today I had food sticker shock that why I had a choice between cutting my own pot roast or getting stew beef now tell me any difference not that I know.

When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.
Thomas Jefferson
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Old 10-25-2008, 04:04 PM
happymomof4's Avatar
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We had senior night at the football game last night. So dh and I had to walk out on the field with DD #1. Yesterday DD #2 had a district meet for cross country. She did fantastic. She got her best time ever 22 min and 58 seconds. They run a 5 k race which is just over 3 miles. Her goal this year was to get under 23 min.

Today DD #1 and I went to visit Gettysburg College for there open house. Then all 4 of us went out to eat to celebrate DD #2's her meeting her cross country goal.

I am finished up the laundry that dh started for me this morning.

Here is a picture of the kids that all came to our house for pictures before homecoming a few weeks ago. The 2 girls on the right are my daughters. The boy in the back with the black hat is my dd #1(blue dress) boyfriend. DD #2's date didn't make it for the pictures. He came a little later.
Attached Images
Have a wonderful day.

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Old 10-25-2008, 05:00 PM
fish3711's Avatar
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Location: Sunny Florida
Posts: 4,276
What a cute photo Charlotte! Beautiful Girls!

DeBora, one time my DH didn't get a job that 7-11 made it out like he had it. And he emailed the guy to find out why he was now not getting it and they never replied. Very frustrating! I hope all works out for you.

sharon thanks for posting Donna Marie's post.

Donna Marie I am glad that John got up a helped you cook dinner. That's a start. I hope things get better.

sammi, although the scare part of Halloween Horror night were not so scarey to me, the rides were awesome. And it was still fun.

I hope you all have a lovely Sunday
"To live fully, we must learn to use things and love people, and not love things and use people."

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Old 10-25-2008, 05:49 PM
Pag36's Avatar
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Location: In a home I love on a quiet st:)
Posts: 29,227
Hello all, been a busy day for a lot of you and me too. The Craft Show was nice and I picked up some things towards Christmas both ornaments and gifts, even picked up something for my SS.
I am tired but it is a good tired. Oh Gina did pretty good $209.00 with 10 of that being from me.
Hope all have a good Sunday.
I will take what I am served knowing someone out there is being served MUCH less
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Old 10-25-2008, 07:06 PM
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Don't know if it was from the flu shot I got monday or the root canal procedure wednesday but my nose has been running all day. The swelling has gone down on my face so could be the fluid there too. Go back wednesday so he can check it out. Will wait a week before letting the other dentist finish it up.
Donna Marie...Glad to see John is up and about doing things with you. Beef stew always seems to make your mouth water. Keep the pieces small so he can digest them better and swallow too. I always like stew in a pressure cooker.
"The only reason why people hold on to memories is because memories are the only things that don't change when everything else does."

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Old 10-26-2008, 04:47 AM
barbszy's Avatar
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Location: Southern NJ, near Philadelphia
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Charlotte, what a great picture of your girls and their friends! Congrats to your DD on her personal best in cross country. Bet she is proud of herself Big DS has only 2 more races this season. Then, after Thanksgiving, there is the Homecoming 5K. That's the one he is looking forward to the most.

Sharon, thanks for the update from Crafty!

Sammi, I had told DeBora to wash the white shirt in bleach to get the red out of it. She was worried, because it had a decal on it, but one run through the bleach shouldn't kill a decal. Fortunately for her DH (and for me ) it worked.
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Old 10-26-2008, 09:41 AM
DeBora4BobbyL's Avatar
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Sammi, yeah, I would have had to add Barb to who to blame for my tee being ruined if it took off the decal. lol I was a little upset because I JUST got this tee at the race track. But, I didn't want to make him feel bad with all the other stuff that we are going through.

Charlotte, that is a cute set of kids. You must be the fun mom for everyone to come to your house before homecoming.

Donna Marie, I am so sorry about John. I hope thing gets better for the both of you.

Felicia, I think the whole process of changing jobs is so emotionally draining. I think that he will find out why, but it will be after the weekend. I hope things are going well for you since your move and your new job.

I was going to put on a pork roast but we slept so late that it won't be done in time. But, that it a meal better made on a heavy schedule day when I can throw the roast in the crock pot and then come home to a ready meal. We got my DS a birthday card (November 9th is his birthday) but somehow we didn't make it home with it. So, we've got to go back and get another one so we'll figure out what to do for dinner then. I hope all is well. My race starts in less than an hour and there are only 4 left in the season. I want to enjoy these races while I can.
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Old 10-26-2008, 10:29 AM
ladyga911's Avatar
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Location: Warren, MI
Posts: 21
To all who are on here ~ my thoughts and prayers are will everyone. Sorry I don't know names yet, but everything has been going on with everyone, I'm with ya!
You all are my new found friends, and I thank you for that! I'm enjoying everything and everyone on here....Thanks again.
Hugs to everyone and my prayers are being sent along to all who need them!

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