What Are You Paying For Gas A Gallon???

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  • I know that we all are tried of gas prices but around the states what is everyone paying in your area right now May 26th in Maine it is $4.05 and further up Noth it is $4.50 so lets us know please.
  • 4.25 here in Central Cal.
    Anyone giving up their cars for bikes???????!!!!!

    hugs, train
  • Gas jumped to $3.99 on Wednesday before Memorial Day and is now $3.95.

  • I just filled up! I paid $3.99. Although, I did pass one station that was 3.89, I should have stopped there for gas!
  • $4.05/gallon here. I haven't taken to my bike yet, but I have definitely cut way back on driving.

  • $4.06/gallon here in NW Indiana. We get the Chicago price effect.

  • $1.52 per litre as of yesterday
    Deisel was $1.60 per litre
  • When I filled up a few days ago it was $3.87 a gallon but tonight on the news it said NH has finally hit $4 a gallon and one place in my town is actually charging $4.25. I have a feeling that the prices will never really go back down again either.

    On the Today show a week or so ago, they had the president of Exxon on because that company made 14 billion dollars in profits. When asked how he could justify that when people were having to make choices between food and gas, he tried to say they had costs, overhead and accountability to their share holders. Excuse me??? With all that they still had BILLION dollar profits. He talked in circles. Sorry to be so uppity about this but it is so frustrating!!!
  • Yeah like it would have killed them to only have 12 BILLION in profits!

    Right now it take $100 to fill my van if I am running on fumes. Gas was $3.99 yesterday will I filled up. Thankfully the awards banquet that I went to today my car poolers gave me $30 for gas.

  • My part of NY it's $4.27/gal for regular.