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  • Welcome to February the shortest month of the year and the month we all think of . It is still one of the coldest months for us . Do any of you have any special plans for the month or for Valentines Day?? Nothing much here at our house...not sure yet what we will do for Valentines Day maybe take all of us to a movie. My oldest son has his birthday this month so that is the big celebration for the month.

    So what are your plans?????

    hugs debbie
  • Not too sure yet what we will do for Valentines Day, Im actually thinking (since its in the middle of the week) and Darryl doesnt get home til 7 on Thurs, of getting some lobsters, or Jumbo shrimp and stuffing them, and m-m-m- cheesecake for dessert,lol.
    Well, speaking of Darryl we had another "parking garage experience today, lol! He had a follow up Dr appt, we made sure we checked where we had parked today, so that wasnt the problem, I asked him what floor the office was on and he said 3rd floor, we get on the elevator, he pushes 3rd floor, and the door opens, and guess what, we are on the 3RD LEVEL of the parking garage, yes, we got on the Wrong elevator, lol! It was my fault for just following him, I swear, he has no sense of direction, and its just in that particular place, then he acts like its my fault, lol, men!Then we went to dinner and tried this new Rib place,(it was pretty good) but every time I thought of the elevator I would crack up laughing again, he didnt think it was funny.I bought a bottle of the sauce they used on the ribs I had (they sell it right there) actually they sell quite a few diff types, so iM dying to try it at home. Sorry I didnt get achance to read any of Januarys posts today, so cant comment, I just happened to see this thread when I logged on. Gonna jump in the shower, then watch Celebrity Apprentice, its a 2hour one tonight, Darryl will be watching Lost in the living room, I never got into that show for some reason. Have a great night !
  • Have no idea what we will do for Valentine's day tho' there are 2 Valentine's in the family well 2 local that is.
  • Sandie, that is funny about the elevator. I am not going to comment since I am geographically challenged too!

    Connie, I know that the field of psychology has come a long way from your mother's time, but there is still so much stigma attached to seeing a mental health professional.

    I bet ya'll didn't know that mental health professionals were written up in Consumer Reports, did ya? Most people were satisified with mental health care that they received--except for the marriage and family counselors. I bet many of those were court-ordered for child support and you KNOW at least 1 people in that situation isn't going to be happy! lol

    The GKs came over for awhile today, so I got nothing done. I am taking them to the drive-in tomorrow to see Alvin and the Chipmonks. I have no plans on Valentine's Day. I don't have work or school that day. DH will be in NM, so I will be here in the RV, doing homework, laundry, making dog food, and shopping for groceries as I usually do on Thursdays. lol
  • I'm not doing anything special for Valentine's day. Might get hubby some candy and a card, but that's it. His bedtime is 8:30 so there is no time to go out.
    I have to run to the store right now but I'll come back later. Cya!
  • I like lost but never got into watching it every week.

    Gimzo didn't have surgery today. The vet is working her in. They know they are spaying her but if they find more damage then that needs to be fixed too. Poor baby. We are all missing her tonight. Even the cats! LOL
  • Since Valentine's Day is on a Thursday, MY valentine will be leading a Cub Scout meeting. OOO, how romantic is that?
  • DeBora what beautiful grandchildren you have! I love those eyes!
    I have no plans for Valentines day, I dont even know what day its on this year, LOL but I'm sure I'll be working that night. We don't usually celebrate it but this year I think I just might, we could use a little more romance!
  • I am actually going to get on this thread this month before I have 4 pages of posts to read.
    DH isn't much of a romantic and Valentines Day is usually noted at our house, but not really celebrated on any grand scale. Dh says he loves me everyday--I guess that is as romantic as it gets----LOL.
    I am not really sure where January went. Seems like it was just New Years last week and poof here we are in February.
  • Felicia, I meant to ask you, does your DGS have brown eyes? My SIL has brown eyes and we were so hoping for GKs with brown eyes, but they both have blue eyes. lol