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  • What is your favorite radio station(s) to listen to? What kind of music do they play? Why do you like to listen to it?

    I have three stations I listen to on a regular basis.
    The Local station--I listen first thing in the morning for news, community and school updates etc. I don't really like the music they play so I listen to other stations during the day.
    Country station --- It is an area station. They play country music--mostly new stuff. They also have very good weather reports for the area. this is the station that is on in my work place.
    Christian station-- My car radio is usually tuned to the Christain station. They play a range of music and have some children programming that I enjoy.
  • We listen to about 3-4
    and sometimes 94.1
  • I listen to 94.9, it is country.
    I also listen to whatever is on in dh car if i happen to be using it. It is usually on an oldies station.
  • I listen to MMM (triple M) it is a very mixed time and era station 70's- to now, with rock, disco, metal, (no country, no rap).
    I some times go to another station that has more or a 50, 60, 70's era music, depends on my mood.
  • I listen to 100.1 the Planet It is an alternative rock station My dss like it too.
  • I listen to radio online..AOL and with a click of my mouse, I can listen to top jams, country, classic, etc.

    Hugs, Janet
  • I also listen to radio online. I especially like Spirit 105.3. I think it's from Seattle. It plays Christian music, and is very uplifting.
  • When I listen to radio, I tend to listen to one of 4 stations:

    1 Ancient Faith Radio - online station with "wall-to-wall" Orthodox Christian music and prayers and sermons

    2 WSB AM - local station with very conservative talk-shows (Neal Boortz, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage)

    3 WABE - local PBS radio station with some good classical programs on

    4 WSB FM - local station with semi-popular music - no rap.


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  • Looks like we have a few of us who still listen to the radio.
    Anyone else out there who has some favorite radio stations to share?
  • I really enjoyed 93.9 KZLA before it was pulled off the air last year!