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  • I absolutely loved this book and found it a quick read. I loved the wisdom his mother imparted in such indirect ways. It brought up such mixed feelings for me - who would I want to have one more day with and if I had that opportunity, what would I do?
  • I read the book the last week. I really liked it. It is a fast, easy read, but has so much to say. One of the things that really caught my attention was how as children our parents can sometimes be an embarrassment to us and then we realize (often too late) how wonderful our parents really were.
  • Joy, I had the same feeling about the book. It really got me thinking about how I treat--and think about--the people who are important to me. Do I treat them like they are people whom I value and love? Do I treat them like the treasure they are?
  • Barbszy, you are right. This book made me think about all the times my mother embarrassed me or when I was angry with her or said mean things. Usually she was doing something for my own good or she was right. How she put up with me is beyond me. And my mil always says, "Being a parent is not a popularity contest" and she is so right. My mom has been very ill for a couple years now and her time is limited. I treasure the time I have with her and cannot imagine what life will be like without her. I think perhaps this book will inspire people to say the things they need or want to say now before it is too late. We always think we have "One More Day" but that is not always the case. Sometime time just runs out. And maybe this book will make people think more about the consequences of suicide and how it is not the answer. There is always another option no matter how desperate things seem at the time.
  • Anybody else out there read this book? If you haven't --do it even if you don't get it done in time to add to this disscussion. It is a very short book, but has a very powerful message. I enjoyed reading it and it took very little time to get it done, so it is perfect for those of you who like read and have little time to do so.
  • Did any of you see the ending coming?

    SPOILER ALERT....if you haven't read the book, don't read the rest of this!!

    I had a good idea that the book was about a "near death experience" but the identity of the reporter was a total surprise to me!
  • I figured out that it was a near death experience fairly early on but had no idea who the reporter was. I absolutely love books that surprise me. I agree with Joy that his book has a powerful message. It made me both sad and happy at the same time. This author is incredibly talented. Now I want to read his other books.
  • Sammi, you won't be disappointed! I really enjoyed both of them. However, I think this is definitely the best of the bunch!