Serving Beer to fund Hi School Sports Team

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  • I have an issue with selling alcohol for funds going to under age teens - volunteering or not. See's candy has some deal for selling certain types of their candy bars for philanthropic projects, companies will make deals with parents / schools for selling their products for school age children projects. I would look into those types of options if no one is interested in the old fashion car wash and bake sale. Another option is having a luncheon or picnic with raffles. Use some of the baked items for prizes, anyone do crafts? Use those for the raffle items. Have the kids make special brochures for activities they can do (i.e pet care; yard care, child/geriatric care, etc) and put them in the raffle (make certain that the student puts his/her name and contact on it so they can keep their promise, or school name if it is a big activity).
  • When I first responded to your question, I had never heard of Apex Fun Run (Welcome to Apex Fun Run! | Apex Fun Run - "Apex Fun Run is a fundraising solution for schools that focuses on building leaders by creating fun, hassle-free fun runs. We collaborate with PTA and faculty members to create lasting experiences). I learned about it late last night when a long time friend of mine's daughter asked for lap donations for her school. My friends daughter is about seven years of age. However,
    after reviewing the link it appears that many ages of children from schools nationwide are actively using Apex Fun Run for their fundraising needs.
    What I have learned from both my friend and the web link, is that it assists children with being active, creates leadership and team support, and as important as those are on their own, it keeps children from carrying around extra weight selling fatty products. It is, as my friend put it, a win win situation.

    I don't work for Apex Fun Run (or anyone for that matter at the moment) so I hope the regulators won't ban or hide the link info.

    Many thanks for not banning it too.
  • Yeah, I'd stay away from mixing beer + High School. My husband and I are trying hard to keep our son from partying and drinking, and it just seems out of place to serve beer to support a High School fundraiser. My vote is for the traditional car washes & bake sales... but that may just be me. Good luck!
  • Seems like a slippery road...might as well sell beer at the sporting events then never have to fund raise. I personally do not agree with selling beer in a fundraiser for kids situation. That's just me.