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sheffieldphotography 06-14-2006 06:44 AM

Need advice for a small forum
I've decided since I love forums, to start my own small one for family and friends. Does anyone have any advice for starting a small forum? I know that if I were to try to make as many categories as this huge one that it would probably be pitifully empty, since my family isn't really big into writing. I do have some word games, but what else would inspire everyone to get together on it? Any and all advice would be appreciated!! I so want this to work.Thank you.


ajrsmom 06-14-2006 08:46 AM

Just a reminder that there is to be no advertising within the body of any post here at FC.

sheffieldphotography 06-14-2006 09:00 AM

I'm sorry, I think that I was misunderstood, my forum is going to be private and for family only. I just wanted some advice. :oops:

ajrsmom 06-14-2006 09:59 AM

Good Luck on your venture!

cat lover 09-08-2016 01:07 AM


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