Any Changing Spouses Fans??

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  • Did ya'll see Trading Spouses these past 2 weeks. They put together a punk rock family with a Boston family. The punk rock family played in bars, drank hard liquor, and so on. They had a 17 year old DD who was an aspiring ballet dancer. She decided that she wanted to be homeschooled many years ago so she could devote more time to her ballet. She seems like such a serious child and she doesn't drink or smoke. To watch her behave, you'd like she was traded to these people at birth because she is so responsible. I never saw her go out with her friends to parties or anything, other than the bar where her parents play to watch them.

    On the other hand, the family from Boston had 3 children at home--2 of them grown! None of the children there did anything to lift a finger to help with laundry, dishes, cooking, and so on. They sat around all day playing video games, watching television, playing on the computer, and so on. The mother did ALL the housework. She picked up after the kids, she did ALL the cooking, and so on. She begged and begged and begged for the kids to help her around the house. The child that wasn't an adult was an older teen.

    When they traded, the Boston woman thought that the punk rock family sheltered their DD. And she thought that the father needed to grow up. Well, the punk rock mother cleaned and toiled at first. At some point, she laid down the law to the father and told him that if he had grown children living at home and not worked (except for one girl, who worked part time and occaisonally) and didn't go to school, they shouldn't be allowed to sleep until 3:30pm in the afternoon and then not lift a finger to help. She told him that they were taking advantage of her and the mother. He didn't listen. So, the next day, SHE laid in the bed and read all day while the kids threw their clothes all over the floor, ate junk food in the living room, making messes and not picking them up, and so on. The father came home and ordered the punk rock mother to clean house and cook dinner. She refused. They had it out, big time.

    So, the father started vacuuming and cleaning. As he did so, the kids would mess up what he did. At some point, he gave up and asked the punk rock mom to join him for a few drinks at a bar. As they sat and had a couple of drinks, the punk rock mom gave him some suggestions as to what he should do with the kids.

    At the end, the Bostonian father realized that he needed to help his wife more. The Bostonian mother told the other family that they shelter their DD too much and that they needed to let her to more. The thing was that the DD didn't want to hang out at malls and party. The punk rock mother said that she couldn't believe the other mother had the nerve since they had adult children living at home being taken care of by their parents. She thought the Bostonian family was the one doing the sheltering. I agreed with her. Anyway, it was interesting. I can't wait until Friday to see what will be on then!

    I just found out that there won't be a Trading Spouses this Friday. Bummer! No show and no NASCAR! What will I do? lol
  • We get this show at the oddest hours during the day or night, we also get the version from England, WOW some people are just so extreme and some just don't even want to try, why put your name in if you're not willing to give it a go. Sometimes men are better, sometimes women.
    We just sit there going " I don't believe ..."! I just love the way they make really opostie families participate, the producer pairing families must be interesing
  • I don't know if it comes on here in the State any more. I have looked for it several times, but I haven't been able to find it.