Any Changing Spouses Fans??

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    Hey did you ever ask your hubby to check the phone book for my friend?
    Yes and he kept forgetting. However, he is here visiting me right now. He doesn't forget if I write things down for him. Would you PM me or email their names again? I do remember the name of the town though.
  • I admit, Im addicted to that show.
    Yes, last weeks woman was CRAZY. I feel sorry for her family. THis weeks should be good too, a pampered spoiled model like mother is on.
    Reminds me of the one from last year, the one family,from Los Angeles, the father worked 24/7 to get the $7000 mortgage and other bills paid, while his blonde ditzy wife just spent spent spent. I thought he should divorce her. The other family was from the south, built there own home, he took people out on hunting trips, Lived very simple, had great kids, the mothers name was Crystal I remember - and she really instilled some values into the husband of the Ditzy spendaholics mind.
    Yes, I admit, I like that show.
  • I love that show, especially the newer ones that pit total opposites.
  • Great good to see Debora and I are not the only ones who watch this show.

    Happy Veiwing all
  • I remember those episodes ldyroper. THe blonde was paired with a family who grew their own tobacco and other stuff. The father and teen daughter loved to go hunting together. The little boy in that family was a mama's boy and had never been away from his mother. The daughter could care less about mommy leaving as long as she had her father. The mother diciplined her kids and they were a close-knit family. I think they even built their own furniture. The blonde was from California and they had a really nice home with expensive things in it. I don't think she ever spent time with her kids either. In fact, her kids needed discipline and they needed it bad! When the country mother came to the home in California, she eventually talked to the father who lived in an office at the 3rd floor or somewhere like it. She told him that if he didn't spend time with his family and cut back on his hours, he would lose more than his "things" for which he was trying to pay for. It was a very interesting show to say the least.

    Yeah Pag, we aren't the only fans here. Does anyone know when the next episode is?
  • Yes I was talking about the religous lady! WOW! I started watching it at first and then kind quit-dunno why but I did!
    Yeah next weeks does look good..i might have to start watchin it again.

    It is ALOT better when they do complete oposites!! makes it more entertaining to watch!
  • Did anyone else watch this week's episode with the model mom and the mom that wasn't appreciated? Her kids were horrible to her.
    What day is it on and what time..
  • Oh Hummingbird, you'll have to watch the reruns. When the model mom went to the opposing home, the teenage sons and the father were all drooling over her! lol
  • When!!! when are they on

    Now what day is this on again and time..I will record them

    I seen how th son was letting her scratch his back..LOL and that smile he had on the commercial!! he was