A Special Wish for a Special Lady*

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  • I wanted to start this thread for a very "special" lady that most of you know and love,here on FC.
    This Friday July 29th is Bar bar's birthday and also as most of you all know this has been a very trying year in alot of ways for her and her hubby John.Since distance is a problem I wanted to start this thread to let her know how much we all here at Family Corner love and support her. So Bar bar this thread is for you, hope you have a GREAT birthday you deserve a "special" day.

    I'm sending you some angels
    On this, your special day.

    They're on loan from Heaven,
    And should be winging your way.

    The first is the Angel of Joy,
    With a lovely smile upon her face.

    She's guaranteed to brighten up
    Any dark or dreary place.

    Next comes the Angel of Peace,
    In her gown of gold and white.

    She'll calm your spirit, still your soul,
    And dispel all worries and fright.

    Last is the most special angel,
    Winging her way from Above.

    Just for you, on your birthday,
    I've sent you the angel of Love.

    Big Hugs to YOU !!!!!

    Have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Hi bar bar,

    I hope your special day is filled with sweet memories of what has already been, and hopes of what is yet to come.

    You are loved heaps, and we wish you ALL the best
  • Happy Birthday

    I hope you have a wonderful day, you deserve it. Enjoy your special day with your sweetie, John.

    All my love.
  • Happy Birthday my friend
    Bar_bar I want to wish you the best Birthday ever you are a great person and deserve to have the very best. Have a wonderful day
  • Happy Birthday to a great friend...
    I hope you have the best birthday blessed with family and love. Happy Birthday to a very special person..hugs kim
  • Happy Birthday to one of the nicest ladies on FC. You are always there to help any of us regardless of what the problem may be. I consider you a real friend some one I can always count on in lots of ways. I cherish the phone calls we have exchanged and hope to enjoy more.

    You have blessed FC by being part of it. May God grant you one of the best birthdays ever on the 29th. God bless and keep you we love you,
  • To the greatest
    Bar-Bar it has been a pleasure meeting you and getting to know you. I hope you have the best Birthday ever and I am sooo glad to be sharing this day with you. May God richly Bless you on this day. You friend and sister in Christ LET THE PARTY BEGIN YIPPPPEEEEEEEEEEE


  • I agree with Teresa Let the PARTY BEGIN!!! You can post more than once, we have 3 days to party until Bar bars actual Bday on Friday!!! I have one problem, lol

    I cant get the Birthday Cake to fit in the computer!!!!!!

    This one will have to do heres the cake!!


  • You are one of the best things in my life..I enjoy our friendship very much.
    Am sending you these words straight from my heart.
    God Bless Your Birthday on July 29th

    Think of the beauty in this special day. Savor each moment in a special way. Recount God's blessings so wonderful and true and praise Him for the day He made just for you.

    May your birthday be blessed with the same kind of love and happiness you show to others.

    Happy Birthdy my friend.

  • HERES the Ball oons!!!!!!