The Biggest Loser

  • New Series Premiere started tonight. The one that loses the most weight wins $250,000. Starts at 9:00 eastern time on NBC. Lets see how they succeed losing weight with all that delicious food in front of them.

  • I didn't get to see it, but losing weight is one of the most embarrasing things to do, it is bad enough to do it just in front of your family, and get teased because you messed up, but tv, I say hip hip hurrah for these people. The commericals interested me, I will try and watch next week.

    I do think that so many of these reality shows are getting out of hand. To much to learn about people, they need to have an after show for the contestants......wonder how they faced friends and family after these shows.
  • We watched it last night for the first time, hmmm, I thought it was pretty sad how the lady who was voted off was treated. I hope she succeeds in many avenues in her life and really shows the rest of them up. These people get hurt in many ways over money. I can not say I will be a watcher of this show. It hurt me to see the humility of these people. I know they are there by choice but....there are many other programs on tv that are better suited for my time. Hope all are having a great day.