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trainlady 10-05-2004 01:46 PM

Summer camp memories!!!!
Did anyone go to summer camp as a child whether it be thru Girl Scouts, Camp Fire Girls, Church, or YMCA, etc.......

I spent a week every summer from 4th to 9th grades (and then we moved....) at Camp Wakoma in Longbranch, Washington!! That summer week was the highlight of my summer!!
I was a Camp Fire Girl!!!

I still remember my camp days, the songs, the camp fires, canoeing, swimming, cooking on my buddy burner, bead crafts, sand candles, dream boats, polar bear and even remember my councelors!!!

My family didn't have much money so I was able to attend every summer for a much reduced rate. The year I was 13 I wanted to go back to camp for another week more than anything in the world!! My parents sent me back as a surprise and how they ever came up with the money I will never know but I will never forget my "extra" week at camp for as long as I live!!

Anyone else have "camp memories?"

hugs,train:cool: :cool:

Sammi1961 10-08-2004 03:28 PM

When I was a girlscout, my troop went to weekend Girl Scout retreats at a Girl Scout camp every spring. When I was 16, I went to a Methodist summer camp for a week which was a week long canoe trip spent canoeing and lake chains in northern Maine, camping on islands and Indian reservations. I had the best time of my life and met a guy there who years later became my husband! Who knew a week long summer romance would lead to marriage 8 years later. We have now been married almost 20 years and have 3 children.

Abear 10-08-2004 03:55 PM

My Mom always made my two sisters & I go to a week of
summer camp through our church.

I hated it! I was always miserable from the time I had to
write my name on my underwear until I was back home
and unpacked.

No, I am not joking! I did not have a single good memory
from summer camp! :ugh: :ugh:

ewriggs 10-08-2004 04:44 PM

I was a Campfire Girl, too! Started going to Camp Toccoa in North GA the summer I was 7 and was a Bluebird. My mom was so worried because I didn't write - until near the end of the second week, when I wrote - can I stay longer! She let me go another 3 weeks. Every summer after that, I spent 8 weeks up there. It was WONDERFUL!! I loooooooved it!

Hiked, sang, campfires, swam, camped, handicrafts, horsbackriding - what was not to like! Yes, I still remember a lot of my counselors - and that was 50 years ago!! Wish I could have afforded to do that for my kids - at least a couple of weeks each year.

I still remember a lot of the songs. If you don't watch out, I'll start posting them here!!

Counselors are the biggest fakers
Always making us do capers
While they read the funny paper
How'd they get that way, Hey?
Um-di-a-da! Um-di-a-da!
Um-di-a-da! Um-di-a-da!
Um-di-a-da! Um-di-a-da!
How'd they get that way, Hey?



momofjems 10-09-2004 08:03 AM


Originally posted by Abear
My Mom always made my two sisters & I go to a week of
summer camp through our church.

I hated it! I was always miserable from the time I had to
write my name on my underwear until I was back home
and unpacked.

No, I am not joking! I did not have a single good memory
from summer camp! :ugh: :ugh:

Me too! I went to a church girls camp for 3 years, and hated every year. One year, our group got lost and the driver ran off the road, got stuck. Come to find out, we just missed the turn off because they put up a small sign that we didn't see. Trying to help the lady get back on the road, I broke my favorite bra strap. Then I think it was that year, I had to go on a long hike, and had to pack a back pack that was supposed to be shared with other girls from my area that were the same level as me. I was the only one that went, so I had to carry the heavy thing by myself, until some leader from another group realized that I was alone, so she helped. I don't remember anything good about camp, and to this day, my idea of camping is a nice motel room.
My girls have had fun at their campouts, which I'm glad. My son, unfortunately hasn't had too enjoyable time at camps, and I don't think I have told my kids about my experiences, just so that they wouldn't think they would have bad times too.

MKS 10-09-2004 01:46 PM

Camp Camp Camp

Abear & Momofjems, I'm so sorry you didn't have fun at camps! I went to church camps every summer (only one week) & LOVED it. I don't remember how old I was when I started going, but the kids at my current church don't go till 6th grade & I think that is so sad. We didn't do the major backpacking & stuff. Oh, I remember the songs.....It only takes a spark to get a fire going. I sort of remember some counselors, some hikes, some food (YUM! :) During high school we also went on choir tours. Then we sometimes stayed in churches, homes or hotels rooms. Also got to do sightseeing on those trips. Ahhh. To be a kid again.

ewriggs 10-09-2004 03:20 PM

I enjoyed hiking and camping soooooo much! We used to carry brown bag lunches on 1/2 day hikes - PBJs and spam sandwiches. I used to trade my PBJ for another spam sandwich! Loved 'em! Stale water from a canteen on my hip - tasty when you are hot and tired from a looooong hike!

Then there was Campfire Stew! In a big cast iron kettle, fry up 1 or 2 pieces of bacon. Brown a couple of chopped onions in the bacon drippings, Then add about 3 or 4 pound of ground beef and brown it, too. Dump in several cans of vegetable soup, let it simmer for an hour or so over a campfire, and there you go! Wonderful over bread toasted on a stick over the fire! followed by S'mores for dessert!

Another wonderful supper over the campfire: a hamburger patty, some sliced carrots, sliced potatoes and one slice of onion in an aluminum foil packet tossed into the fire and ignored for about 20 minutes. UUUUMMMM!

Singing around the fire after supper, bedding down on a rocky or rooty spot, working your way around the rocks and roots to finally get comfortable. And that deep sleep of the tired child outdoors. Wish I could capture that again, I can tell you!

Billboard Song

As I was walking down the street
A billboard met my eye
The advertisements written there
Would make you laugh and cry!
The wind and rain had come that day
And washed them half away
And what was left upon that sign
Would make that billboard say:

Come smoke a Coca-Cola!
Chew ketchup cigarettes
See Greta Garbo wrestle
With a box of oysterettes
Two pork and beans will meet tonight
In a finish fight
And FDR will lecture
On Ivory Soap tonight!

Bay rum is good for horses.
It is the best in town
Castoria cures the measles
Just pay a dollar down
Teeth extracted without pain
The price is half a dime
And overcoats are selling now
A little out of time.

"Chew Wrigley's for that headache,
Take Campbell's for that cough;
There's going to be a swimming meet
In the village watering trough.
Buy a case of ginger ale,
It makes the best of broth;
Shinola's sure to curl the hair
And not to take it off.


quest_for_a_name 10-10-2004 06:29 AM

Well I did not attend summer camp as a little girl, but now I work as a head cook at one here in Georiga. I have done it for 3 years and I love it. The girls are great. It is 8 weeks long but hte girls are usually only there for 1 week at a time. Every Wend. night the girls cook hot dogs on an open fire and make smores then sleep out under the stars. If it is raining on WEnd. night then the leaders will go rent a g rated movie and have a great big slumber party in the pavilion. Most of the girls look forward to this. Of course like any summer camp the some girls get very homesick. But the director and leaders work well together to help keep this down to a minium

redcardinalbird 10-12-2004 10:08 PM

Well when I was a young girl I was not a scout. However, I was in the band and we went to band camp. I went for 1 week for 5 years and can still remember. We caught the bus on Sunday afternoon and arrived back home Sat. afternoon. We had practice sessions and practiced a marching routine daily. I remember how hot is was some days and we would dread going out on that sundrenched field and marching. We did have good time though. We did not sit around a campfire at this camp.

Now I have been to a day cub scout camp for five years with dear son (they don't spend the night) and it has been intersting at times. This was my first year at summer camp for the girls scouts and my first overnight camp with the Brownies. We did have a good time. Ciooked hamburger in Reynolds wrap on the fire and had Smores too. We had a fire that night ans sang songs.

ewriggs 10-13-2004 03:12 AM

This was one of my favorite camp songs (I had a LOT of favorites). Does anyone have additional verses???


A horse and a flea and three blind mice
Sat on a curbstone shooting dice
The horse he slipped and fell on the flea
"Whoops!" said the flea, "There's a horse on me!"

Boom, boom! Ain't it great to be crazy?
Boom, boom! Ain't it great to be crazy?
Giddy and foolish the whole day through
Boom, boom! Ain't it great to be crazy?

Way down south where bananas grow
A flea stepped on an elephant's toe
The elephant cried, with tears in his eyes
"Why don't you pick on someone your own size?"

Repeat Chorus

Way up north where there's ice and snow
There lived a penguin and his name was Joe
He got so tired of black and white
He wore pink slacks to the dance last night!

Repeat Chorus

Eli, Eli, he makes socks
Five cents a pair and a dollar a box
The longer you wear 'em the stronger they get
You wahs 'em in the water and they don't get wet!

Repeat Chorus

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