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janet 09-08-2004 03:37 PM

Nooz For Today!
I thought we could have a thread with current news, breaking news, strange news, funny news,important news, etc.

*Send Our Kids Back to School on Clean Buses*

As our nationís children head back for another school year, many of them will still be riding on aging, dirty, diesel school buses. Diesel exhaust from school buses is especially dangerous to developing lungs and can cause significant respiratory ailments including bronchitis and asthma. The Environmental Protection Agency's program to clean up buses is currently underfunded, providing insufficient investment for schools across the nation that seek cleaner buses. Please tell your senators to send our kids back to school on better buses by supporting a comprehensive federal grant program and fully funding the administrationís $65 million request for 2005 clean school bus grants.

That is my news for today...what do you have?

janet 09-11-2004 11:14 PM

Nooz for Sept 12

A Canadian woman bought rock cocaine and decided to check it out. She

thought it was nothing more than baking powder so she decided to get

even with the drug dealer and maybe get her money back by calling the

RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) since they have a policy that

encourages people to come forward with complaints about fake drugs.

A narcotics agent went to her house, tested the cocaine and promptly

arrested her. While they do have a policy of encouragement on fake

drugs they also have a policy to arrest anyone with real illegal drugs…

Which proves that drugs will get you one way or the other…

sandieluvsbears 09-12-2004 04:16 PM


I heard something awful in the news,I dont know if anyone else heard this but some guy had some puppies he couldnt sell, so he decided to shoot them in the head (HOW TERRIBLE IS THAT? and one of the poor little things was squirming so much in his arms and its paw hit the trigger on the gun and shot the guy He did get arrested but in my opinion he deserved alot more,it never ceases to amaze me about the cruelty in this world that most of us arent even aware of. GOOD NEWS the puppies are now in GOOD HOMES!This story has been bothering me since I heard it.

janet 09-12-2004 04:44 PM

Sandie, yes I agree how terrible to do that. If he couldn't sell the pups, why didn't he give them away??

This is an excellent reason why it is good to have your pets spayed or neutered. Out animal shelters are full of dogs that are not wanted..

I adopted 2 of them and if I could I would have more. I help all I can at the shelter with food, toys, blankets, towels, money, and walking the is a good thing to biggest problem is that I want them all.! :heart:

I used to live on a farm and I hate to tell you how many pets were dumped off in our fields..cats, kittens, pups of all kinds, and I couldn't keep them all...

Take care,
Janet :catdrink:

janet 09-13-2004 05:38 AM


Despite Cellphone Ban in Theaters, Dialing Continues

The legislation passed 19 months ago, but few people, it seems, have taken note that chatting on your cellphone in a New York City movie theater is now illegal.

Even several owners and managers of movie theaters contacted last week were unfamiliar with the measure, which provides for a $50 fine for talking on a cellphone in public performance spaces, including museums, cinemas and Broadway theaters.
My personal note:

I personally do not own a cell phone...I did when I was working on the road..but I found that alot of places I couldn't get a signal.

What bugs me more is when I see people spitting on the sidewalks, roads, out their car windows.

I grew up in NY and in the sidewalks there was printed in the cement..DO NOT SPIT ON THE SIDEWALKS. Does anyone know if sidewalks there still carry this message? Can you imagine what that would be like to have everyone spitting on the walks..yuck!

That is my biggest pet peeve..what is yours?

:heart: janet

sandieluvsbears 09-13-2004 05:54 AM

:daisy: ^^

Janet, I agree spitting on the sidewalk is totally disgusting we live in New Hampshire and I have never seen a sign that says do not spit on the sidewalk. One of my biggest pet peeves is people that put up signs for yard sales all over the place with no date they just say Yard Sale at (such andsuch) then they dont take the sign down after the yard sale so you just assume there is a yard sale and then find out it was last week. " People take down your signs after yard sales,they also dont look very good after hanging around for weeks at a time. Im surprised the towns dont say something about it,they are all over the place in our area.


A Room Without A Teddy Bear Is Like A Face Without A Smile!(^) :daisy:

janet 09-13-2004 06:02 AM

Oh yes Sandie, I hate that too...yard signs and no sales!:bawl:

Another one...policital signs, they are only allowed up 30 before an election...there are alot of signs up already..way too early. And after the election, they need to come down.

:heart2: janet

kellydid 09-13-2004 05:21 PM

People who are in restaurants talking so loudly on their cell phone that you can hear their conversation.

People in grocery stores who, for lack of a nicer way of putting this, choose to pick at body orifices and then handle the produce and food.

Parents who talk loud enough to their children that you can hear them being verbally abusive to their children ie, calling them stupid, and using other words that are not printable.

City school systems that pay an outsider $100,000 to "see" what can be done to improve the school system...take the money your paying him and improve the school system, DUH!

Mothers/sisters/daughters/sons/fathers/brothers/relatives in general who go on national tv and protest the war when they have a military member fighting over there!!! Not the way to show support for a family member, I don't care what your feelings are about the war!

Medical/Phamacy insurance in this coutry so outlandishly expensive that the average person and a fixed income person cannot afford it.

Jobs being outsourced to other countries.

Not speaking the English language if you are in my country! Having a drivers license but you say you cannot read, write, or speak the English language?! How did you get them? I do not mind you speaking your native language, but you need to speak my country's language, too.

Female teenagers who dress inappropriately and women who dress inappropriately for their age. Spandex, at some age does become a privilege, not a right.

Children with guns. Adults with guns. Do not tell me you need a weapon of mass destruction to go deer hunting!

Not saying the Pledge of Allegiance in the schools.

Having a stamp come out December 2004 honoring the country that terrorized my country by flying two airplanes into the World Trade Center, Flew a plane into the Pentagon, crashed in a field in Pennsylavania. How dare you!

These are just some of my pet peeves. There are more. Sorry it's so long.


janet 09-13-2004 07:58 PM

I agree with you Kellydid!

How we got on that topic was I posted about the fine in NY for using your cellphone during movies, museums, plays, etc. And how I hate them too..and my biggest spitting on the sidewalk, ground ..yuck!

Good to see you here..any nooz from your area that is interesting?

Love Janet

kellydid 09-13-2004 10:03 PM

Unfortunately, the news is that the troops from Ft. Bragg, where my son is stationed at. will more than likely be going back to Afghanistan and it will be soon.

We just had the Taste of Wayne County is where alot of the restaurant present their food at one place, this year it was at the Officers Club at the base, and people are allowed to buy tickets as an entry fee of $10 and then you got to go in and sample all the food that was presented. Then the food from the restaurants was voted on and the restaurant that got the most votes for certain things was voted the best restaurant for the year. Example: Wilbers BBQ was voted Best Restaurant for Homecooked Meals for pizza restaurant, etc. The competion is fierce!!!

Our country fair is coming up Sept. 30-Oct.9 I am so excited about this!! Will post when I go to that.

Also coming in November is the Seymour Johnson AFB Open House and we have the Thunderbirds here this year.

The 18th of this month is Retirees day at the base. We will have lunch, speakers are going to be there explaining Tricare, AARP ( I have some questions about their not supporting some bills), special sales events at the BX and Commissary are going to be going on for us.

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