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  • My DD and I have wondered about something for a long time and I have decided to put the question out here at Family Corner to see if anyone can answer it for us. ;-)

    First, let me say that this question is not meant to be disrespctful at all. We're just curious.

    Does anyone here know why most Chinese restaurants close from 2:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. ???

    Everywhere we have lived, it has been this way.

    I tried to research it on the internet but never found the answer.


  • Howdy there sis~

    Around our neck of the woods the Chinese resturants remain open. In fact their lunch specials (which is basically half price) run 11 a.m.-3 p.m.

    Huh, well if you happen to find out let me know. Got my curiosity going on now

    Maybe it is just that particular family's preference?
  • Quote:
    Originally posted by morelia92
    Maybe it is just that particular family's preference?
    Maybe it is a Southern thing??

    Every city/state I have lived in, the chinese restaurants have done this.
  • They remain open here, too.....lunch specials until 3 p.m. I'm curious, too!
  • They are open here too......HHHMMM......

    Maybe you could ask one of the owners why this is.

    Isnt there a tradition about a "rest" time during the day that some cultures follow?

    Im curious too. Do let us know if you find out.

  • They are open during those hours out here, too!!
    My dad and I eat at our fav chinese restaurant together every Thursday night!! Lunch time they do some of their best business!!

  • Open here also. They get quite busy during those hours. I love going for the lunch time buffet. MMMMMM Yummy!!

  • Never heard of that
    ive never heard of chinese restaurants closing midday....

    Hrs here are 11am-11pm...

    and there are some who open later...
    why anyone would eat chinese food at 3am is beyond me..but if you want it they got it

    let me know the answer too...

    is it a blue laws?

  • I did not want to embarass myself by asking at the Chinese Restaurant.

    But, it looks like I need to go eat Chinese so that I can ask and get the answer!!
  • I'm sure
    I'm sure you won't be th first to ask this question..besides you can't let us down..everyone wants to know...

    oh and pick me up an order of general tsao's chicken... =0)