Do You Remember???

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  • Do You Remeber.........

    Holly Hobby
    Loves Baby Soft
    Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific
    swing sets
    hop scotch
    Saturday matinees
    daisy chains
    earth shoes
    formica dinettes
    fringe vests
    flower power............

    CONTINUE with things YOU remember!!!





  • Mrs Beasley dolls

    Lite Brites


    Stretch Armstrong dolls


    bell bottoms

    Tab soda

    Magic 8 ball

    Mork & Mindy clothes---remerber the striped socks?

    leg warmers

    Im sure theres more...........
  • does this mean things we remember in our childhood, or can it be things we remember in our kids's lifes?

    for myself
    pick up sticks
    Barbies/Skipper/Ken dolls
    tops (spinning ones)
    paddle ball
    jump rope
    sponge rollers, then it went to wire rollers
    hot pants
    go go boots
    Lool hoops
    and some of the ones ya'll have already mention...

    mmmm I need some time to think on this one
  • wax pop bottles filled with sweet liquid
    neco wafers
    11 cent vanilla cokes at the soda fountain
    Warner brother cartoons ..that WERE funny
    Felix the Cat
    Quick Draw Mc Drawl ( a horse cartoon)
    A hand pump in the house instead of running water
    Coal stoves in the living room
    A big round tub on the floor to bath in
    AND out houses!!!

    WAGON rides(hay)
    horses and fun animals around
    An imagination to entertain one's self!
    The Good old Days! Thanks for gettin me thinkin

  • making chains out of gum wrappers
    mud pies
    Bullwinkle and Rocky
    H. R. Puff-n-Stuff
    Troll Dolls [ I even had the house]
    eating "sheep showers" [sour plant]
    Bunking parties [we drove my mom nuts]
  • Oh yeah -gum wrapper chains. chew so much gum!!heheh
    H.R. Puff n stuff !! I totally forgot about him.
    Sour plant Why would a child repeatedly put something that yukky in their mouth??? I did chew it repeatedly but It was terrible. just thinking of it makes my mouth water, and not in a good way LOL. Now teaberry leaves and birch bark and Sassafrass tea. Yum Oh Troll dolss I wish I would have keep at least 1. I didn't know they had houses! Neat!
  • Going roller skating... back then roller skating was big, then there was those roller skates that had the key

    5 and 10 cent stores, like we have the dollar stores but it was only 5 or 10 cent

    hip huggers or did I mention that ?
  • These things are fun to remember!

    My short list:

    Lemon Twist
    Baby Alive
    Mood Rings
    Isis & Shazaam
    Wonder Woman
    Saddle Oxfords
  • someone send this to me so I will pass this on to you. thought it was fitting since this thread is about Remembering.

    You were a child in the 60s if....
    You couldn't wait to see Batman, which came on two nights in the same week.

    You stood in line to see "A Hard Day's Night" and you screamed because all the big kids were screaming.

    You thought that Paul was the cute one.

    You wore paper dresses and love beads to school.

    You remember Jean Shrimpton and Yardley of London lipstick.

    You spent most of the summer in metal wheeled skates, and you wore your skate key around your neck.

    You had a banana seat bicycle.

    You put playing cards in the spokes of your wheels.

    You traded "Trolls" at recess.

    You remember when Richard Nixon was on Laugh-In.

    You were one of the first to do New Math

    You remember the television show, "The Ugliest Girl In Town."

    You were fortunate enough to see Gene Kelly dance on the big screen.