Pregnant for the 3rd time

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  • I'm pregnant with my third child. I am still new at this, so any helpful words of encouragement would be great. My girl is 3.5 years, and my boy is 14 months. I'm due 1/17/04, and I'm regretting being pregnant over the summer months. But we wanted this baby, so I'm glad it's happening.

    Anyway, I just wanted to know if anyone else is pregnant right now, or am I the only one??? LOL

    Yes, you'll be pregnant in the heat but, in my humble opinion, its better to do it early in the pregnancy than at the end!

    I have 3 children also, 1 DD (19) and 2 DS (11 and 9 next week) so its been a loooong time since I've been in your shoes.

    Do you or DH have a preference on the sex of this child?

    I don't know if anyone else on the boards is at the same stage of pregnancy as you are.

    I know ajrsmom just had a baby and lworth is due in about 3 weeks.

    Keep us posted!
  • ;-) I just noticed that you live in Alaska.

    Just how hot does it get up there in the summer months??

    Or was the heat not a factor in you regretting being pregnant in the summer?
  • We don't really have a prefference in the sex. I kinda want a little girl again though. But a boy, I could handle that again. (I think.. LOL)

    So far it's been reaching up into the 80's. (that's really hot for up here) I don't like being hot and pg. I get hot flashes when I'm pg as it is, and it's going to be worse. But that's ok.

    Thanks for the reply. :0)
  • I also just found out I am pregnant for the second time! Were very excited but not due until Febuary 28. I dont think I will mind being pregnant in the summer. Although I will miss a beer or a margrita on a hot hot summer day. I think though I will get over it. Plus the best part is with the baby coming in Febuary I will be ready for excersise by the time spring rolls around which is a very good thing if I am the same weight when I had ds #1. We will not be finding out what we are having you gotta have some surprises. We are at a loss for names thank goodness we have awhile to decide.
  • Congrats Lee!!
  • Congrats to both of you!!!

    Like Abear said, I just had a baby girl --a month ago already! The weather wasnt too bad this time around but I was constantly hot. My son was born in Oct. so I suffered through the hot months with him and it was no fun!! My legs swelled badly with both pregnancies for no apparent reason making it hard sometimes but in the end, it was worth it !

    Lee, I wish I had your willpower to not find out about the sex of the baby! I couldnt wait to find out!!

    2 beady eyes, Will you being finding out?

    I gearing myself up to get back to exercising and losing the extra weight. Boy I hate the thought of that!! LOL!!

    Keep us updated throughout!

  • I will be finding out the sex of baby. I can't stand not knowing. I thought I was having a boy with my first... I found out when I was able, and I was having a girl. I was depressed about it for months.

    I thought I was having a girl with my second. I was absolutely positive, because I had a girl already, and I was talking myself into having another. I did the ultrasound and found out I was having a little boy! I went through the same depression. I'm so glad I found out before the baby was born, because I can only imagine going through that once he or she is here. :0(

    So I am DEFINATELY going to find out what I'm having this time!! I can't take surprises well, and just finding out I'm pregnant was a hard struggle for me this time. It's taken until now to really accept it as reality.

    I'm so excited now though. I'm bugging DH at night with lists of names and what will we do if this, and if that... It's fun. :0)

  • I drove my husband crazy until I could find out what we were having. There was no way I wasnt finding out!! I wanted to have things ready.....bedding, clothes...whatever. Im sure you know though you can plan all you want and still not have everything turn out perfectly!! The doctors expected my daughter to be a good bit bigger than she was. Turned out that I had A LOT of extra fluid around her instead. She was just a tiny thing at 7 lbs. 2 oz but she was 20 in. I hardly had anything to fit her! Right now Im having trouble with outfits being too short and too wide, LOL!! Plus she has no butt at all so all of the 2 piece short sets are stil in the drawer. I bought 0-3 month shorts thinking they would work no problem....wrong!! They are way too big.

    She is growing like a weed now though!! At her checkup, she was 7 lb, 15 oz and was 20 1/2 in.

    Do you have a preference this time around? Boy or Girl?

    Have you found any names that you like? That was the hardest part for me.
  • Thanks ladies!
    I dont know I guess I like the element of surprise but I just have no desire to know what it will be. As for names who knows I am glad we have awhile to decide. For a girl we are tossing around, Olivia,Megan,Emily and Abigail. Not a clue for a boy, I like Ian however my ds name is Evan might sound silly. The middle name will be Newton for a boy or a girl which is an old family name and for some reason we just like it. Which is why Olivia may not make the cut Olivia Newton then again kids their age probaly wont have a clue on who Olivia Newton John is then again Grease is a timeless movie.
    I dont think the heat will be a problem for me in the summer as I am so newly pregnant, depending on the weather in the end of August or September but it shouldnt be so bad. At least thats what I am hoping. Although I do remember always being warm with Evan never really wore a winter coat with him...