Answers to FC Photo Contest “How Do I….”

  • To upload a picture for any of the FC photo contests:

    1) go to the photo contest page and click "Upload". Fill in the information on that page.

    Note: If photo is too large you may get a blank screen after attempting to upload. Reduce the image size in a photo editing
    software and try again.

    To email the link for your photo so that others can vote:

    1) click on the photo
    2) Click Image Tools
    3) Choose Email Image from the drop down menu and complete the fields

    To vote for your favorite photo(s) do the following:

    1) click on the photo
    2) click "Rate Image"
    3) select your rating and click "vote now"

    Only registered members can vote and you can only vote once per photo. You may rate your own photos and encourage friends to vote for your photos as well.