Rules For Adding Pictures and Text to Your Signature Line

  • As Per Amanda:

    Important guidelines for adding signatures to your profile.


    If there is an image in your sig, it must fit within a 100x100 size frame. Anything larger must be approved by Amanda.

    Images that are animated cannot be resized without losing the animation. Therefore, if you have an animated image, please have the size adjusted to fit within the guidelines. Any animated images that have not been reduced in size will be removed, you can always add them back in later when you get a smaller pic . Any non-animated images are being reduced by FC to fit within he 100x100 guidelines.


    There is now a limit of 4 lines of text in your signature line as well. BLINKIES will be counted as a line of text if you use them in addition to an image as mentioned above.


    Just so everyone knows, I have NO PROBLEM with those of you that have home based businesses using your signature file to include your website address. Heck, how do you think I got here! LOL However, please do not use leading phrases such as "visit my site" or "for more information" or "visit my awesome store". Simply place your title (i.e. MaryKay Representative) or your website name (i.e. Wellness Consultants) in and make it clickable using VB Code. If you need help with this, please let me know. Also, if you own a message board community, please do not promote that here. Thank you for your cooperation.


    FC does not allow counter and ticker banners in siggy lines---these are those banners that say something like 3 months, 3 days until baby arrives or 35 days until Christmas...and counts down.

    I appreciate everyone's understanding! If you notice that your siggie picture has been resized or is missing altogether, that means you went outside the guidelines. If you would like a picture larger than 100x100, approval from Amanda is needed.

    If you have any questions, please contact Amanda (FamilyCorner) or Tami (ajrsmom).
  • A nice reminder!
  • yes a good reminder.
  • Is there a problem that we should be aware of on updating this reminder? If so, please let us know.

  • None I know of; just trying to "introduce" some things for new people that they may not be aware of on the forum. Might help people to wander around and get some interest in the whole forum itself! Also been bumping up threads that haven't been visited in quite awhile or others that might spark some interest.
  • O.k. just curious I hadn't seen any violations in awhile but I've been so busy with the new job thought maybe I'd overlooked it.