Air Filters

  • I just realized it was time to change my air filters. Since I didn't know whether it had been 60 to 90 days, I decided to buy several replacements and I marked them with a marker with the new date to install. I try to replace the 90 days filter every sixty days. Now when I question myself I will have them ready and dated for my forgetful self.
  • Good idea! I do just the opposite, I mark the top of the filter with the date I put it in. I change them every 30 days when the heater/air conditioner is running and every 60 when it's not used daily.
  • Since the Ol' Curmudgeon is a HVAC expert, I'll pass on his suggestions - never let the filters get too dirty! It impedes the efficiency of the HVAC units. If you have a lot of dust or fuzzy pets (shedding dogs or cats or ferrets, etc) you need to change them much more frequently. Simply setting a date may not be adequate. Look at the filter as you take it out each time. If it is dirty, clogged at all, you definitely need to change it sooner next time.

    I thought, gee, if the filter has lots of stuff on it, it will keep more stuff from going through. The Ol' Curmudgeon pointed out that this would make the unit work harder and use much more electricity. In addition, the filter is not catching more stuff than it did before. It is simply not working as well letting air get through! He showed me how it worked, and it started making more sense to me.

    So change those filters *as they need to be changed* and not necessarily on a schedule. Even if you change a "90-day" filter in 60 days, that may be too long depending on the amount of "stuff" that gets on the filter!

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