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Homeschooling Do you homeschool? Thinking about it? Join the discussion and talk to other homeschooling parents!

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Old 04-09-2003, 10:36 AM
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Why Did You Decide To Homeschool-Homeschooling starting at the 7th grade?

I did check through the posts, but there was only one that was close to my question. The question has been asked why you started homeschooling?, but, I want to know if anyone has ever started homeschooling, when the child was in the 8th grade or later?

My son is in the eighth grade, I am constantly getting calls home that he did this and he did that. He has be expelled numerous times for numerous reasons. Sometimes I feel as though he is being "picked" on? He is very active and tells me that he is very bored in school!!! He gets bad grades, I know he is much smarter than what his school grades reflect!!! He has requested several times that I homeschool him.

We have been having "problems" with him in school since the 3rd grade. The school has observed him several times, at my request, for ADD. They claimed he did not appear to be ADD, therefore would not test.

My "problems" 1) first and most important, I am afraid I will not be "hard" enough on him? I will not "make" him do his work. Or does this come naturally when you start. He does not get his homework done now, but, he never brings it home, I never know he has any.

2) Not sure if he will cooperate with me? I know he is very smart! But, I keep thinking that if the work was done on his "level" in a way that he likes, he would be more cooperative!? After giving him a special aptitude test, they did put him in a special class for math, and that was a big help, but once he got his grades back up they took him out, then it was back to the same thing. He is very tired, all the time, he goes to bed at about 8:30 and needs to be up at 6:15 to catch the bus, by 6:40. I think this might play a big part in it. I don't think he should have to go to bed before 9:00?

3) I don't think Dh would be very supportive of this? Have not talked to him about it extensively. Although, back when DS was in 3rd grade we passed it around.

Other Info. I have 4 children, his older sister is only 1 year older and we never have problems with her!!! Other dd is in 2nd grade, and never any problems, other dd is only 3 so we have yet to see!!!

Another question, if your child is in the junior/high school grades, do they ever wish they were in school?

Any input here would be greatly appreciated!!! Even infor on getting started. For a beginner with no info.

Oh, another thing is, I think he is with the "wrong" group of kids. They have such awful cliques at school. We are not wealthy, therefore he cannot wear the "designer" clothing. So he does not fit in with the smart/rich kids!!!! and cannot seem to be able to find a clique that works for him, and no one wants to be a loner at school!!!

I hope I did not ramble and gave enough of info for someone to help me!!!

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Old 04-09-2003, 08:39 PM
jystmekathie's Avatar
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Hi Karen

I have two daughters, one entering 8th grade. We're going to begin homeschooling this year. The reason we made the choice is lack of adult involvement in school. Kids have brought guns to school, knives, made death threats, beat other kids up in the bathroom, and they continuously get nothing more than a slap on the hand. When you speak with the principal about punishment she tends to bring in the statement "they're only in __th grade". Hello? Also, our school is in a begging situation for money. Severe problems that have been around for quite sometime now have become URGENT when it's found out our government can't give extra to the districts this year. So they're campaigning to "Save Our Schools" by scaring the children into believing they'll have nothing fun at school if parents don't pay extra taxes. Everything that benefits any grade below 11th they said they would cut. I think they're worried that some of the upper grades would drop out if they had no extra curricular activities. Ohh, and this is a rural community with less than 1500 kids district wide. And I haven't even touched on the meth problem which is reason enough into itself.

Anyhow, that's our reason. I could state 15 others why it's the right choice for us, but each family must make that decision. I'm only sorry I didn't begin sooner. I had no faith in myself.

And I wanted to share this link. It's really a wonderful starting place for those who are considering...

Good luck either way!
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Old 04-10-2003, 05:06 AM
mom2-4's Avatar
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Location: PA
Posts: 3,350
Thank you for your input, I am just so unsure of what to do!!!

Thanks for the website, too, there is alot of helpful info there, I already checked it out!!!

Thank you for your support!!

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Old 04-10-2003, 06:26 AM
mom2-4's Avatar
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Join Date: Jul 2002
Location: PA
Posts: 3,350
Caron, thank you for your input. What age/grade was your son when you started to homeschool him?

Actually, I think we have the oopposite problem, with my son, if he does not get something, they tell him to see the teacher after class. But, the problem with that is....then he gets in trouble for being late for the next class.

He made a bad name for himself in 6th grade, now the teachers and principal see him as that, so as soon as something is not right, it is all his fault. He has one particular teacher that is not..should I say compatible with my son. So they "rub" each other the wrong way, and ds can't stand him!!!!

I know they have been just passing him along, with failing grades, I believe because they know he is capable of better grades, but I want him to understand the concept that he needs to apply himself and not just "get by". I wanted them to hold him back in 6th grade but they told him he passed, before they confirmed this with me, I was not a happy Mother. I believe they will hold him back this year, to repeat 8th grade next year. Which might be better?

I don't know what to do? I am also afraid he will get bored at home without his friends? He is a social bug. But, yet on the other hand he can entertain himself very easily. So maybe he would not get bored. I believe he too would be a computer geek, if he had a good computer, I need mine for work, we are planning to get another "kids" computer by end of summer.

When must I decide to homeschool by, for next year?

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Old 04-10-2003, 10:07 AM
mom2-4's Avatar
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Join Date: Jul 2002
Location: PA
Posts: 3,350
Thanks again, will start looking into it, I would only want to start at the begining of next school year.

I don't think our school would be as cooperative, one time when ds, was in trouble. I was sitting in the office with two of the schools principals, myself, and ds. The one pricipal said in a real mean voice to the other principal, "he said he will have his mom homeschool him, I told him I have the last decision on that, and the answer would be no"!!!!! I was very offended, and did/do not know enough about it, or I would have responded and told him I will homeschool. Made me so mad!!!!!

I really do not like our school district, and a private school is out of the question!!!!

Honestly, I wish they would just expell him forever, than no one could say much about me homeschooling him, there would not be another choice!!!!

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Old 04-10-2003, 10:34 AM
mom2-4's Avatar
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Location: PA
Posts: 3,350
Thank you I think I will make a new thread for PA homeschoolers!!

Before I call the Superintendant, I need to make sure that ds really wants to be homeschooled, and make sure dh can at best live with the idea!!!

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Old 04-13-2003, 02:01 PM
ewriggs's Avatar
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Decide To Homeschool-Homeschooling starting at the 7th grade?

You don't have to use the school's curriculum. Get the goals and objectives for the different grade levels to be sure you are getting the basics down. You can use a "canned" curriculum like Abeka.

There is "unschooling," "classical," and many varieties in between. You have to make the decision as to what you want or can do.

My daughter uses Abeka because her ex-h requires it. It is very specific and very classroom-oriented. Your son, however, sounds from your posts to be more in need of either the classical or unschooling approach.

The web is full of incredible resources. Just keep plugging.

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Old 04-13-2003, 04:03 PM
katykat's Avatar
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Join Date: Sep 2002
Location: Somerset, Indiana
Posts: 22

I have several questions about homeschooling as well. I have a 14 year old step-son who my husband wants me to homeschool. He failed his 7th grade year and is now a freshman (at 16 years old) and hasn't been doing well here either. He doesn't bring home any homework and never studies for tests. He has been failing English all school year and even was failing Science. My DH seems to think that I should homeschool him. We have a past at not getting along very well. Lately he's been better though. For the past month or so he's been very respectful to me which is a nice change of pace.
I'm afraid that he won't listen to me and that I won't be able to be a good enough teacher for him to be able to either go to college later or find a decent job. Also, what do I do if I can't teach him certain subjects? Math was never my thing and I am worried about how I will help him with certain subjects. I'm not too worried about the other subjects though - just math.
He is excited about the thought of it. He seems to think that he will do much better being home schooled. I just want to make sure I'm not bailing him out of his problems at school.
Also my 10 year old son would like me to homeschool him as well. The problem with him is he likes to play sports. Oops! did I say "like"? I meant he LOVES to play sports and I don't want him to miss out on that opportunity.
I do think it would be great for the kids but I'm a little nervous about it.

Also, what if it doesn't work for them? Can I then re-enroll them in the public school?

Sorry, didn't mean to ramble on, there are just so many questions.

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Old 04-13-2003, 06:12 PM
miracle's Avatar
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They can not STOP you from HS. It is legal. Tell the principals were to shove their paddles I dont HS but I think you ned to keep him home and give it a shot.
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Old 04-13-2003, 08:01 PM
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I didn't get to read all of the posts because my computer is being a real PITA, but we waffled over pulling me out in 7th grade. Wish we had because I would have been better off for it. We finally pulled me mid-junior year in highschool. Pulled my sister for her sophmore year so she could take care of the one semester of gym class and one semester of health without my mom's participation. ;-)

We went through a program in Fargo, North Dakota that has a staff of teachers that the work is sent in to to be graded. At the time we did it you needed to have a certified teacher that was kind of over-looking things and administered tests. Don't know if it is the same thing now. The program was called Division of Independent Study. You can receive an actual high school diploma...I opted to do my GED early due to personal issues at the time. When I was looking for contact info so I could get my transcript (trying to get back to college but did't get far enough the first time to skip this step) I came across a couple of different links referencing the program...hope I saved the right one:[URL no longer valid]

Anyway, we pulled for the boredom reason. If we had pulled me in 7th grade I probably wouldn't have the same issues I have now because I probably wouldn't have gotten into the rut of "I'm SO bored that I'm not going to do the homework" which meant I practically failed the class. It started with math for me. We had moved to another state just before my 7th grade year. If we hadn't moved I would have been in a pre-algebra class, but they were only offering pre-algebra to 8th graders. They did have an accelerated algebra class for 7th graders, but I missed the test score by 3 points (I was VERY nervous) so I was stuck in the general math class that was teaching things I had mastered in 4th and 5th grade. *ARGH!* And it went down hill from there. I just got tired of feeling like I was being babysat, but I wasn't applying myself enough to get over that 'three-point-hurdle' to get into the advanced classes. Mom was too busy trying to keep a roof over our heads and food in our bellies to do more than she was already doing.

I think you will do well if you're able to be at home with him at least part of the day. Do have a routine, if not a schedule. Try to make it more interesting for him by taking him places that utilize the information he's trying to learn. You know, that age old 'I'll never use that in my life'. *grin* Add a little more focus to things he's really interested in, but don't ignore the other areas needed for college entrance or curriculum passing, whichever applies to your situation. I've seen people do certain subjects on certain days, it allowed them to better schedule their week. Like Friday was always more of a no-book day whether it be a field trip day or 'free' day. And Monday was a social studies/history, tuesday math, etc.

One thing I enjoyed while still in public school was a class pairing for American Studies. One of the english teachers got together with one of the history teachers and they synched their lesson plans so the class was learning the same time period in each. English was first period, history was second. It made it really interesting because you were studying the events that lead to the writings of the time at the same time. I can tell you though, that I learned more in a year of home study than I did in 4.5 years at that particular school district.

Try to get up with a homeschooling group so you have a local support system as well as some socialization for your pupil *grin*. I didn't utilize the one in my area because all of the kids were a couple of years younger than I was.

I am waffling over whether to homeschool my own children (only have one right now and he is 20 months old), mostly because I don't want them to pick up on my own lack of scholarly discipline. If I don't do homeschooling than I will probably do a charter or private school. We'll just have to see. Been having a hard time finding some curriculum suggestions for early-learning and this is so not natural for me. He is a high energy kid...I don't believe it is ADD related (I'm not much of a believer in ADD myself....), just lots of energy.

Anyway, it's past my bedtime. I wish you peace in your decision, whichever way you end up going.
“To be a mother is the greatest vocation in the world. No being has a position of such great power and influence. She holds in her hands the destiny of nations, for to her is necessarily committed the making of the nation’s citizens." —Hannah Whitall Smith

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