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  • Deciding to Homeschool

    by Susan Wilkins-Hubley
    Switching to the homeschool environment is one of the biggest decisions a mother can make for her child. The decision can stem from a variety of reasons; bad "school" experiences, bad "teacher experiences", an educated decision can come about if you have researched homeschooling before your children ever need to enter school.

    Deciding to homeschool is more than choosing the cirriculum or the books or the subject matter, it a lifestyle choice and it can not be taken lightly. Choosing to educate your children at home can be one of the best decisions you can make, but if you have chosen homeschooling out of anger or sour grapes, without doing YOUR homework, it can fail, and fail miserably.

    Make sure you know what to expect from yourself and from your children. Read! Read any books you can find about homeschooling. There are many styles of homeschooling and you can adapt to one or more styles to suit your family. There are no hard and fast rules for homeschooling. Also find out about stae/province regulations, and make sure that you are able to adhere to them. Most states/provinces are quite reasonable.

    Also try to realize your child's learning styles, this will have a great impact on your success in homeschooling. Make sure you have a goal in mind while homeschooling. Homeschooling can take many forms, some which you will agree and disagree with. Homeschooling can be field trips, hands on learning in the back yard, museum trips, story writing, computer work, cooking, shopping, gardening and more.

    Homeschoolers need NOT sit at the kitchen table for X amount of hours drilling the multiplication tables. More creative ways to teach and guide your children can be both fun and effective without becoming monotonous and boring for both you and the child.

    Homeschooling can become a very rewarding experience for those who are committed and firm in their beliefs to homeschool. Be sure you are homeschooling for the right reasons!

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    Have you decided to homeschool? We'd like to hear about your experiences!

  • My family has just this summer decided to go back to homeschooling. We have done the public school, only one year, and NEVER again, Lord willing. We have done the Christian school, and didn't have a problem with it, in fact, until the middle of July I was going to work there in the fall. We actually decided to homeschool after MUCH prayer, and searching our Bibles for the answer. We placed before God three different prayer requests to guide our way, and all three of those came back to homeschooling. I have homeschooled before, and the last year was absolutely awful! We moved, then I had baby number 5, with post partum depression. It was the worst experience in the world. We are getting a larger support system this time around, and our youngest will be in Kindergarten. My older two are excellent independent learners, and I am thinking that will help a great deal, my youngest is only through the morning, then one reading session in the afternoon. The two in the middle will be the ones who take the most time, I believe. This time around my husband is more involved in every aspect, from the decision to the scheduling, all of it. He works third shift, so he will actually be home more during our "school hours". We are very excited about homeschooling, and about the focus we will be able to enjoy on our family instead of focusing on where they need to go, and setting our schedule around the school.
  • Deciding to homeschool
    We are "officially" home schooling this year. I say that because I H.School taught my older daughter when she had back surgery at 14. And sometimes; my DH and I had to reteach our 11yo DD everynight when she did her homework. She would wake up cranky from being so tired. She has special needs; adhd, bipolar and learning disabilities. She is a visual learner and had a hard time esp. with math and SStudies teachers. One of which said,
    ' I am tired of you asking questions! '(?!!) They sent her off to get "special help" so they wouldn't have to deal with her... that meant the person wouldn't explain it---just give her the answer. That made her feel like she was not able to learn and really stupid.

    We are going to use software and other means - written material. Also, because she is a visual learner; movies of the classic books, literature and the bible to reinforce her reading. We will do crafts - sewing, cooking, etc. All using math, reading, & science skills. We will use holidays etc. for extra curricular activities for social studies and geography.

    We are in a home school support group in our small town and my DD & I absolutely loves it. She feels accepted and liked. We have get-togethers once or twice a week and discuss any problems or issues and give the kids time to socialize. We share ideas, and will share teaching different things to the group that we have experience in. And, we are discussing starting our own Girl Scout troop.

    She is excited about starting school this year. And so are my husband and I!
  • I am a new homeschooling mom this year. I have a son that is very 'friendly' and was always getting into trouble for talking and he too was told he had to be quiet and not ask so many questions(!!!!). I am very excited to be able to do this and my kids are alot happier so far. My son is 10yrs old and my daughter is 5. My daughter tells everyone that she is homeschooled she is so proud it is cute. You can see my sons confidence coming back daily as he is aloud to ask as many questions has he wants LOL. I never thought I would homeschool my children but after living through the ps system with my oldest two I can't imagine doing anything else.
  • We were fortunate, our kids didn't get into trouble at the school for asking too many questions, however, my middle child loves to draw, and once the kids hit second grade they aren't allowed to draw in school anymore. That was a real struggle with him. One of the many things we are excited about is the opportunity to have an art class. I am purchasing "Line upon line" by Christian Liberty press to use for all the kids.
  • Our oldest son will be starting Kindergarten this year from home. Believe it or not, we researched homeschooling, did lots of prayer, and talked with many parents who both homeschool and send their kids to public school for about 2 years before we made our final decision.

    We are all really excited about this opportunity for my son to learn from home. Our homeschool association here in town is great. We had our first meeting the other night and I was blown away by all the things they do to encourage socialization. That was my biggest concern - that my son would miss all the social things they do at school.

    If you ask us we'll say we're taking it one year at a time, but in my husband's and my heart, our goal is to really do it until both of our children reach at least eighth grade
  • Do to the area we lived in both in Lakeland FL & Key West FL neither of us cared for the schools so my youngest dd was home schooled though out her last years of middle & all of high school. She attended our local area activities, such as cheerleading, sports, etc instead of those in the school. We used the required scholastic guidelines of what had to be accomplished in order for her to "pass" from one grade to another & yes she did have to go to the Middle School in that area to take a final exam that allowed her to continue on to High School and she finished High School w/an above average gpa 3.9 as she graduated High School at 16 in Dec instead of June. She began taking her college course the following fall and will have her as degree in science soon. She will then continue on to get her BA & persue her masters as she teaches if that's what she finally decides on, it's kind of a safety net for her. Did she miss attending school, she said sometimes, but said that had she had been force to attend at that time she would have dropped out, home schooling allowed her to move as fast or slow on any given subject & allowed her to persue others that were not offered. We used alot of pc programs, she took the required fcat & did well on her SAT. Yes, a friend of hers invited to her prom when her friend graduated at 18, Liz was in college at the time, but still she was amazed at how dense some of the kids who passed were & that they had yet to set any life goals. She now thanks me for suggesting the home schooling. As I had did that with her siblings prior to them going to school. Before there was such a thing as pre K; I home schooled them with little workbooks that I found at walmarts & used book stores & made up work sheets to teach them prior to them starting public school & my divorce that sent me back to work.
  • I haven't been on this forum in a long time. All I can say is I am so glad I decided to homeschool Greg. There were bad times and good. He will be 17 in March, and is in 10th grade, but he is almost done with the curriculum. He will be taking college course at Syracuse University start this month once a week for photography. I guess the only downside is socialization. But he's an only child and I was too and we both like our soliditude -- and I was public schooled, and didn't come out of my shell until I was 30! If you can do it - homeschool!!!
  • Bumping Up
    I would love to hear others stories!
  • Hi... home school for two reasons. The first being that I was born and raised were I am raising my son.And even 20+ years ago when I attended public school here it sucked.The school system were I am from pushes through the jocks regardless of their education level.I know some people who graduated and couldn't read.While everyone other than the star athletes just get blown off and forgotten about.There has also been a long standing cover up when it comes to the violence in the public school system down here.There are 8 year olds carrying 9mm handguns to school.And the little thugs are allowed right back into the same school with the other children that they terrorized.The other reason I home school is because my son is an severe asthmatic and they won't allow him to have his meds on his person.They want them locked up in the office across campus from were he would be at.And so basically they are putting my child's life in jeopardy.Because he could die before he reached his meds.