Does anyone homeschool and run a daycare?

  • I will be homeschooling/virtual schooling my kids (ages 11 and 7) again next year. I'm also checking into running a daycare. I realize the obvious pros and cons. Does anyone do both of these and have any insights or suggestions on how to keep things running smoothly?
  • I do not homeschool or run a daycare.

    In my state you can babysit up to 5 children at a time. Any more than that and you have to apply for a daycare license which requires taking courses.

    I wanted to open my own daycare but couldn't afford the classes or the license.

  • How many kids and what ages will you be caring for?

  • I'm thinking I'd only take care of up to three in addition to my own. I haven't thought about the ages too much. Ideally, a baby or two and a child close to my son's age of 7.
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    In NC you can only keep a certain number without applying for a license, you cannot accept WIC vouchers without a tax ID number. It is a good idea, I love home daycare, and kept my son in one till school started, much cheaper, more one-on-one care, family atmosphere, they do not get sick as often as in public daycare. I would highly suggest that you make up a sheet of rules or you might end up with kids all hours of the day and night. And stick to them. I am a working mom and feel terrible that I am away from my son so much anyway so I always picked him up ASAP after work, but other parents will go get grocerys, do lots of errands before picking up kids. Also make sure you have emergency info/insurance info. on hand with a signed statement about you having permission to have the child treated at a hospital or doctors office. If you are going to take the child/ren with you in your vehicle make sure parents know and have them sign a release too, to save you from law suits. Set a late fee. Make them pay one week in advance. If they pay late add a fee, if they come to pick up kid afterwork add a late fee. All daycares do this. Call a daycare and act like you want an application to enter your child and then use it as a quideline to form your own rules. Good Luck!
  • When we were in a first few years of homeschooling, I babysat for a neighbor, her 2 girls that weren't in school yet. For the most part things went smoothly but there were times when they wanted my daughter to play when she had worked to do. So it was sometimes a bit of a chore to get them to play in the room or basement/playroom quietly while she did her things.

    Sometimes though, when I could, we included them. Or I'd give them their own 'work' to do.

    I babysit another girl now, just usually 2 days a week or when PS kids have off. She is older and is fine doing something on the computer until my kids are done. Now and then, she'll ask for work to do as well.

    I personally, am not sure how many kids I could watch now while homeschooling. LOL My kids are enough on some days!
  • I do daycare in my home and I am going to start homeschooling my children...well actually I have just started(turned in form today). I only watch kids older than 3yrs old. I have 3 daycare kids right now they are all 4yrold girls. It works perfectly for me since I have a 4yr old. I really enjoy it and I am preschooling them right along with my daughter and will have the do lessons when she is doing her schooling.
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    I personally would love to find a homeschool family to provide Daycare for my son during the summer, he is public schooled, but would do so much better in school if he had more individualized instruction. The kids you keep and their parents will be very lucky. Wish their was someone near me who homeschooled and kept kids on the side. (Hickory, NC - if anyone is out there?) I work with 4-H and we have lots of homeschool kids in 4-H, because they work so great together, plus it gives them the social skills they sometimes miss. So I see how much smarter the home school kids usually are. But alas I have to work to pay all my bills.
  • Deidra, check with local homeschooling groups. Also you may want to look into the homeschool laws in your area. Some states have laws against someone homeschool a child that is not in their family.
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    Thanks, I asked one of my homeschool moms this morning when she came by to sign her children up for some of our summer fun classes. It is against the law here also, but I was really referring to summercare only, not year round instruction. She thought this would be fine, but she has 6 kids and one on the way so she is not an option. She is wonderful though.