What are you Minnesotans using for testing?

  • This will be my first time having to test my 10 yr old daughter. I am currently considering PASS and Peabody testing. Anyone have some opinions on these or suggestions on others?
  • Where is everyone?!? Come on, let's get this place hoppin'!
  • I have no idea about your testing question...sorry...but...I should be recieving my very first order from A Beka and I'M SO EXCITED!!! My ds#1 will be starting the Kindergarten material in the fall...I am a licensed teaching in the state of Oregon and have taught in public schools now for about 9 years...Our local district in pretty restricted with budgetary problems and I know my little guy wouldn't be getting the one on one he would need to really build a solid education background. My husband and I really feel homeschooling at least to start is a great idea. There are so many fun things that we will do together besides the reading, writing and "rythmatic"...He will go once a week to work with my mom who is an accomplished and nationally recognized pastelist and he will work weekly with my dad who will do woodworking, kit building and other "technical" things...my husband loves sports so he will be in charge of PE...What great fun we will have. My biggest worry is how to keep my 17 month old...who will be 20 months old when school starts, busy while we are having school...do you have any suggestions? Hope you find the answer to your testing question!

  • Yikes! Sorry, I don't have any suggestions for you. My 6 yr old son will be home now during the summer and I don't know what I'll be doing with him exactly when teaching my daughter. I imagine that I will have him on the computer or using his workbooks along side her. I wish I had some ideas for you and your little one. I wasn't sure of myself for either of the children to have schooled them myself at such a young age. I needed public school to get those first building blocks started for me. Does your 17 month old sleep a little longer than your kindergartner? Could you work around the little one's sleep schedule, be it morning, naps or evening? Is there someone, like a grandparent, that could help by babysitting for a couple of hours a day or as necessary? Hopefully more people will visit the board and offer more suggestions.
    (As far as testing, I recently ordered the PASS exam. )
  • Thank you for your suggestions beckri! My little guy does sleep a little later and I had thought about starting school about an hour and 1/2 before he usually gets up...I know the first few weeks will be a testing time to see how the scheduling will really work out...my parents are going to work with my Kindergartener twice a week, my mom with art and my dad with shop/technology etc. so they will already be doing their share...I am sure the Lord will show us the right combination for our family! Good luck with your homeschooling!

    Sandra in Oregon