Christmas in July!

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  • Christmas in July is usually seen as a marketing opportunity when people take a day off from work to go shopping and partying. It is an unofficial holiday celebrated mostly by youngsters. During the month of July when Sun is too harsh with its heat, most of the people long for rain and much cooler temperatures. Holiday spirit accompanied by gift giving drives them to party, which mimic the celebration spirit of Christmas and hence, we come across Christmas in July.
    Features of Christmas in July include, Santa Claus, ice-creams and other cold foods, and gifts. It is a time to pamper yourself when most of the shops announce “Christmas in July” sale. Inspite of such benefits, some people do not celebrate this time and for them, it is far less important than Christmas of December.

    While Christmas in July is picking up in the United States, it is most likely that the holiday originated in Australia where it has been popular for some time. In some areas in Australia, July is a cold month. Perhaps the Australians began celebrating Christmas in July because they were “dreaming of a white Christmas”.

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    Do you participate in any "Christmas in July" events? If so, what?

    I've seen craft sales pop up during this time. Also, a lot of stores seem to run sales.
  • There are always restaurants that that have this as it's our only opportunity to have christmas in cold weather even though we don't have snow up here, but do down south they do, and are right now. July and the first couple of weeks of Aug are out coldest up here and very windy to, very cold right now LOL
    Never been to one the meals packages always seem to be so expensive, but have had small ones amongst friends on occasion. We don't consider it a real Christmas though

    So those in hotter places have a BBQ, some salad and an ice cream plum pudding and a dip in the pool right now, find the humidity and that's our Christmas
  • That is really interesting. I wondered where the concept originated.

    I really would love to visit Australia one day!
  • I think this is cool too.I would love to go to Ausrtlia one day too.
  • So you give presents and everything? WHat about a tree? I guess it would be somewhat scaled down right?
  • We swap Christmas cards.
  • It's an optional thing and usually done by restaurants, as winter is a slow time in those businesses. The ski chalets down south make more out of it for the holiday makers as there is actually snow there.
    We do it very occassionally I think about 5 times in my 42 years that I remeber. But have not done presents. It's more about the food and having hot meal, as I can tell you at 36*C and 90*humidity on christmas day, a hot meal is the last thing you think of! LOL
    If it's going to happen then yes it can be all out christmas but you find then that christmas in December is a very small one.

    Really it's up to the individual family not a must have.
  • This is very interesting. I had only heard of "Christmas in July" when our post man picks up non-perhishable food items one Saturday in July while on his delivering route and then they are passed on to help needy famillies. I've seen a few sales with that title but very low key. I guess it is a good time to buy craft items that take awhile to make so they can be done by Christmas in December though.
  • This last week is big for the toys to be bought and put on lay-by for christmas as the shops give you 6months to pay for those toys.
    June is also the last month of the financial year so they do a big stock take sale so dont' have to count on the last day of the month (I've bought a few bargains myself the last couple of weeks)
    I've never done the big 6mth layby thing as I pick up stuff during the year (mostly fathers day for the boys) and we didn't go all out with xmas pressents like some families do.

    It's cold now so I'd be looking forward to a nice hot raost meal LOL
  • :snowing :"Jingle Bells" Let it snow......I really would like it to snow for a short time today. It's 95 and getting hotter. I can't even think about Christmas or sales in this heat.....