Holloween Game

  • A fun Halloween game for kids or adults, "Let's Wrap The Mummy". Divide into teams of 2. Each team gets 1 roll of toilet paper. On each team one person wraps his teammate. The whole roll of toilet paper must be use. Whoever wraps their teammate into a mummy first wins!!
  • That is a good idea.Not sure if anyone is planning my youngest party for school but that would be a fun game for the kids to play.

  • We had a party once and had a straws and we had to get a piece of candy (with a hole in the middle) from one person to another without hands and if it drops you have to start over of course you need teams of at least 3 teams each the first team that makes it wins
  • Bunny,
    Now that would be a cute game to see my yougest playing with all her classmates too.