2018 christmas ornament exchange

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  • 2018 Christmas Ornament Exchange

    It's that time of year again to sign up for the Annual Christmas Ornament Exchange. The rules are easy..

    1. Sign up on this page by November 1st to participate... NO ONE WILL BE ADDED AFTER November 1st..( you must have 75 posts to join the exchange)

    2. PM anyone on the list & ask them to exchange with you.

    PM ONLY!!! Any info posted on the boards will be deleted.

    3. Once you have agreed to exchange with someone, you will be required to honor that swap. If an emergency arises & you cannot honor your swaps, please PM me to tell me why you cannot honor your exchanges.

    4. The ornaments can be store bought or homemade. When you receive an ornament, please post on the board that you received an ornament & then PM that person to say thank you. Please do not mention who sent the ornament on the boards.

    5. All ornaments are to be sent out by December 1st to give them time to reach their destination by Christmas. Out of USA takes more time to mail, so give yourself plenty of time for them to arrive.

    6. Do not post any pictures of the ornaments you have received til after the thread closes.

    Lets make this another great year for our ornament exchange!!
  • Here are the names I have so far for the exchange

    1. Minny
    2. Bluebird
    3. Danstigerangel
    5. cherylpearl
    6. vrsherren( I'll relay the message to her since she can't log in to FC)
    7. Punky1015
    8. Bar _bar
  • Thanks for doing this Aunt Sue (Minny!)
  • YW. Now to figure out what I want to make this year.

    Quote: Thanks for doing this Aunt Sue (Minny!)
  • I have been trying to decide what to make this year. Thanks so much for doing this Sue.
  • I added Bar_bar to the list. That makes 8 of us so far!

    I 'd love to see a few more members join us, so please tell your friends on other boards.
  • I have your mailing info. If you need mine, let me know.

    Quote: Thanks for doing this Aunt Sue (Minny!)
  • Hi all I am interested in exchanging with everyone. Since everyone has not posted recently if I cant find you on Facebook I cant send a PM. Just send me in facebook messenger or PM me here. cau or Colleen
  • I think I have yours as well, Aunt Sue. Also need to know what color you want. The ornament I am making can be any color. That goes for anyone who would like to exchange.
  • my living room is in blues and browns but my tree is full of homemade ornaments of all shapes and sizes so feel free to send any color