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  • This is like a Dear Abby forum where you can ask serious or funny questions on anything.

    Please don't take any question as being a serious problem for the person asking the question or stating a problem.
    You may make up problems for the sake of discussion. Or you may ask about something that has been in the news for others to give their thoughts.
    Or if you really do have a problem ask and you may get the answer you need. It is not necessary to tell if the problem is a true one for you.

    We all have opinions on many things. Hopefully we will have many discussions. Some serious and some fun. Jump right in if you have thought of something you would like to bring up.

    For the newbies, we do have the right to delete any post we feel is inappropriate. An example would be inappropriate language.
  • Totally cool, Sharon!

    As a teen, I read the newspaper columns of Dear Abby, Hints from Heloise, and Ann Landers, just to name a few, and I always enjoyed them immensely!

    Can't wait to see this one get some steam behind it!
  • I can't take credit for the idea. One of our faithful members thought of it.

    When I worked, one of the girls used to have flowers delivered to her at work. Maybe a couple of times a month. It was a stress reliever. I did learn that being good to yourself relieves stress.

    Anything from a small package of beautiful shaped soaps to a book, flowers or anything you like or enjoy will do the trick.
  • When my kids were babies, being tied to the house and everything kid-related used to (at times) send me into a spin, so I started visiting my mom and sister and SIL regularly just to give me some reprieve, and you know what... it worked!

    Sharon. The member did well in her suggested idea!
  • I love this idea!!!!!
  • People complain when they have to polish their silver.

    I put chalk in with my silver jewelry and also in and around a silver tea set. Keeps it from tarnishing. I was happy when I read about this in a magazine. You do have to replace the white chalk every couple of months.
  • Do want to add, that my entry somewhat makes me out to be a recluse, which I am not (LOL), but in keeping with the intent and advice of my entry, I made a point of going out once a week (at some point). I called it "me time".
  • Fabulous tip, Sharon! I must try!
  • Dear Helpful Hanna:

    I love to make steamed meatloaf, and one of my tricks is to lay down a sheet of tin foil on the counter in which to mould the loaf into it's desired loaf-like shape, then using the same foil, I wrap the loaf in the foil and place in a pan filled with a shallow amount of water, however, the ground meat always sticks to the foil, lifted the foil off the counter.

    Damp dishcloth to the rescue!

    A quick wipe of the counter with a damp cloth (before placing foil down) solved the issue! Foil now stays put!

    Works great for plastic wrap /wax paper, too!
  • I also enjoyed Dear Abby, Ann Landers and Hints from Heloise.

    Sharon, you not going to tell us who it was that came up with this idea?

    It going to seem strange to address Hanna, since that is my youngest gd's name and she spells it like that too. Most spells Hanna with a H at the end.

    it will be interest to see how this will play out.