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hoboswife 09-25-2002 04:39 PM

viral meningitas
I have not posted for a while. My husband has become very sick. He has viral meningitas. I was hoping there is someone else out there that has had experience with this disease. I am wondering just what it is that he is up against. Any comments would be appreciated. I feel like I am in the dark over it. He is very, very sick!!

karen'skids 09-26-2002 11:53 AM

My daughter had gotten it when she was in kindergarden, they said she might have gotten it from a misquitto bite (very possible since we are outside so much in the summer). She was also very sick and had a sizier from the hight fever. She spent about a week in the hospital, they put her on antibiotics, she was very tierd for a while when she got home, it took her about a month to fully recover, but she has had nothing since then. this happened about 4 years ago. Good luck and God bless to you and your husband.

writeterri 09-30-2002 05:51 AM

My mother had viral meningitis while pregnant with my youngest brother (twenty-some years ago). She and my brother were fine after a hospital stay that basically just gave her fluids and monitored my unborn brother's health.

Bacterial meningitis is deadly, but viral meningitis rarely is. I have diagnosed patients with this, and none have died. It is possible, but then people can die from the flu too, it's just not common.

You can expect a short hospital stay, and once the doctors see enough of a change to know that your husband's body is fighting off the infection, they will send him home for bed rest.

Best Wishes!

crauckis 09-30-2002 06:34 AM

I had viral meningitis in my late twenties. It terrified my family but I was too sick to care. But the really really sick part was short-lived. I do remember feeling exhausted for a long time, but that was the only real long-lasting consequence. My mother came to help with my daughter as my husband was away on active duty at the time. I was back to work within a few weeks, and within three or four months felt pretty normal. A mildly annoying fatigue hung on for several more months, but after that I felt completely normal again.

One of my children had viral meningitis as an infant. It worried me, but wasn't frightening since I'd already had first-hand experience with it. The most important thing to me at the time was to get him OUT of the hospital and back home where I could take care of him. The pediatrician was cooperative, he was home the next day, and was fully recovered within maybe 2 weeks.

Viral meningitis isn't contagious, and is more scary than serious. Hang in there, your husband - and you - will be fine.

Please let us know how things are going for you.


georgiaoma 09-30-2002 09:30 AM

viral menigitis
I was under the care of 2 drs., one diagnosed viral encephalitis and one diagnosed menigitis. I was very sick for about 4 days before being seen by a neurologist who hospitalized me. After a spinal tap, IV antibiotics were given for about 4 days. Was hospitalized for about 10 days and sent home on high powered tranquilizers. I was in la-la land for about one week, had follow up visit with dr. and got a good report (he says due to the fact that I was so spaced out for the week) that I could do nothing but rest. Was told that my condition was caused by the herpes simplex virus, the same one that causes cold sores and measels. It took about 4-6 weeks to become my old self again, age could have influenced this as I was 55 at the time. Made a full recovery & was told to not be around measels. This is a scary condition but is treatable. One thing is that for a while my short tem memory was affected but returned A OK! Good luck to you and your husband!! You will probably need a lot of patience during his recovery!!

hoboswife 09-30-2002 07:52 PM

My Husband is right now in the hospital in intensive care. His viral meningitas turned into ensyphlitus. They are looking for what virus has caused this but are unable to find it. He is in restraints with oxygen. The virus has caused hullucinations and he had became violent. They had to knock him out so much that he had to be on a ventalator. He is know off the ventalator but they have put a feeding tube in. He has lost 20 lbs in the last two weeks. I feared that he would die. I am exhausted and decided to come home and rest with my children tonight now that he is recieving good care. I called the hospital a while ago and they said he regained conciousness and was asking for me. That he is responding to commands. It is to late for me to see him tonight but I can't wait to see him in the morning and talk with him. I think the virus has stopped attacking his brain. They did a MRI and it said that there is no damage. This has been a hard, battle for him and I both. I will keep you posted.

georgiaoma 10-01-2002 01:03 AM

So happy for your report. It sounds as though they now have a handle on the problem. I don't think that my ilness was as severe as your husbands. I had bouts of losing time but never got violent. Lots of times being aggitated, tho. God bless you and your family and keep us posted on your husands progress!!

graceygrammy 10-01-2002 04:27 AM

How hard this all must be for you... You and your dh have been and shall continue to be in my prayers. I pray that you will have a good visit with him this morning. God Bless

karen'skids 10-01-2002 07:31 AM

Glad to hear that your dh is doing better. May God bless you all.

hoboswife 10-04-2002 04:43 AM

Just a fast update. We thought he might be released from hospital today but that won't be happening. They said if his infection count was below 20 then he would come home.(Even though he can not get out of the bed by himself). His infection count came back at 236. He started being delirious again lastnight. Please pray for my husband and family. He is only 37 and has not the strength to fight the battle again. They still have not found out what strain of virus it is.

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