viral meningitas

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  • Wow, Kim, G-d bless you and your family. Your husband has great fortitude for having come through this; not to mention your strength in the face of this kind of random adversity..

    All this was the result of complications from a viral meningitis? It sounds like the ravages of bacterial meningitis, the way you describe the destructive progression of the bug...

    But I am glad to hear that your DH survived the ordeal and that your family is intact. Your children have their father , and you have your husband to be thankful for. ... Happy second "anniversary"

  • Yes, this all started with viral meningitas. The doctors thought it was the west nile virus by the way it behaved but it wasn't. The sent his samples through the nation data base and always came up empty handed at coming up with what virus it was. It is a high percentage that the doctors can never figure it out. We named it the "hobomeningoencephalitis virus". husbands nickname is Hobo. : ) Kim