Gotta get walking again!

  • I have found walking to be the best exercise for me with a bit of biking too. Now that the weather is better "not great" here in central Maine I have to get out and WALK more. I find I sleep better and eat less. I try to do it 4 times a week for about half an hour but really should do it 6 times in the nicer weather.
  • I need to get walking and working out again!!! Seems I am doing yard work a lot but that isn't enough.
  • A friend and I go to the university (where my DH teaches and she attends) to walk at the recreation center. Downstairs they have cardio equipment, gyms, pools, etc, and upstairs, they have an indoor walk/run track. We meet a few days a week before her class and walk the track, either a mile and a half or two miles, whatever we feel like doing that day. We look at it as stress relief and getting our butts moving rather than an outright attempt to lose weight, and so far it seems to be working. We really enjoy it and we've slowly taken off a few pounds apiece.

    Our original goal was to work our way up to the cardio machines within about 3 months (we just started this a few weeks ago), but we enjoy talking while walking so much, I don't know what we'll end up doing!
  • About the only exercise I'll do is walking, and it's too hot to walk outside here. So I am getting back on my ancient treadmill. I had gotten into the routine, then it gave up on me, and it sat awhile. DH got it going again, but now I've gotten out of the habit, and I've just gotten back to it. I am already noticing more energy. I'll be happier when the scale shows a difference!
  • I just started walking again last week. I was good, I walked every morning and then in the afternoon if I didn't walk again, I did some yard work. Here's my walking buddy


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  • One thing I did that has gotten me motivated to walk is I got a dog. We have had him two years now and every morning I get up at 5:30 a.m. and am out walking him by 6 a.m. before work. Since he HAS to go out, I HAVE to walk him. Now it has become so much a part of my morning routine that I miss it if I don't do it. I will admit, though, that I am not up at 5:30 a.m. on the weekends! He gets walked a bit later then. And now that the weather is getting nicer, I will also try to walk him again in the evening.
  • Walking?? I used to walk for about 2 hours a day. It keeps me fit all the day :D
  • I am still walking my dog every single day rain or shine. This morning I walked in sleet and freezing rain and came home soaked. Not fun. Next weekend I will be doing the MS Walk in Scarborough, Maine - 6 miles. Let's hope I can make it the whole way.