migraine headache

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  • My sympathies are with all of you suffer on a regular basis...Occasionally I get Migraines too. I try to stay away from the pain killers / aspirin IB Profin because they can cover up what ever is causing them. Like yourself I stay away from caffeinated fluids. I also monitor my symptoms to see if it is light / reflections; food; lack of exercise; lack of sleep, and seasonal (as in sinus infection). Then I inquire with medical personnel about the best form of treatment. I was once in Qubec / Montreal Canada in the middle of a February winter storm - trapped with a migraine that only felt better after banging my head on a wall for two weeks. When I was finally able to get back home (Illinois at the time), my doctor confirmed the migraine was caused by the raging sinus infection I had endured while in the midst of an allergy attack - he was pretty certain the Claritan didn't help alieviate the situation much either, and that is why I have learned to stay away from any form of non-prescribed / medically suggested relievers.
    I cannot reiterate it enough - drink plenty of water during these times as it could also be from heat stroke. Another risk factor to think about is that some folks have stated having severe head aches months (and sometimes years) before suffering even the mildests of strokes, so I would certainly have your physician rule that possibilty out. However, if you know what is causing them, and your physician has been able to monitor a reliever plan, then stick to that.
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