Gaining weight.........?

  • Hi there I have noticed that the entire problem here is about how to loose weight.....! My problem is something different maybe you will all laugh about this,...... but it's true! I want to gain weight I am 22 years old and only has a 100lbs in weight some says that I look sexy! But I wanted to gain some weight! Anyone can help? What should I eat? Or should I eat more to gain weight? am not a vegetarian I always eat meat both white and red meat.
    Should I take vitamins? What kind?
  • First, welcome to FC bligde, I want to welcome you to FC!

    I won't laugh at you because up until about 6 years ago I was 88 pounds dripping wet! I was accused of having an eating disorder! My DD is 23 years old and has the same problem.

    I remember when I first saw 3 digits on the scales. I got so excited that I wanted to celebrate!

    Anyway, I never was able to successfully gain weight until I had health problems. But, here are a few pointers that I found helpful from doctors and nutritionists:

    Don't drink anything before or during a meal unless you have to. You don't want to fill up on empty calories. In other words, you don't want to fill up on water and not have room for your meal. Eat foods high in calories like pastas, breads, rice, potatoes, and other carbs. Count your calories and try and get 3,000+ calories a day or more. Football players do it. You can beef up your between meal times with shakes. Put icecream, milk, chocolate, vanilla, and even fruit. If you can stand it, add a couple of raw eggs. I promise that you will not taste the eggs if you put it in a blender.

    Anyway, good luck. I can tell you one thing, if it is any comfort, I went from being grossly underweight to being overweight currently. I can tell you that my self esteem was better as a skinny person than as an overweight person.

    Another thing. My DD called me a couple of weeks ago upset because a woman, who was obese, stopped her and told her that she needed to eat because she is way too skinny. My DD asked me if that was rude. I think that it is because it isn't any worse than going to an overweight person and assuming that she eats too much and commenting on her weight.

    Keep your chin up and you can also try going to see a nutritionist! He/she may also give you suggestions.
  • Thanks to bligde & DeBora!
    I've wanted to ask the same question regarding weight gain for so long and thought people would think I was nuts! I appreciate you bringing it up, bligde. I don't feel so crazy anymore.
    What DeBora said makes a lot of sense, but my stomach is kind of small and I can't fit much in at a time. But all the "white" foods are my favorites, so I'm at least on the right track. I only have to expand my tummy someway. Thanks for bringing the subject up and making me feel a whole lot better about myself!
  • Welcome to FC ghc630! I too used to think I was alone. I remember when eating disorders became the thing in psychology. When a person is very underweight, they assume you have an eating disorder. I got so tired of hearing, "You need to eat." (I ate all the time, non-stop!) "You're too skinny." (I would never be so rude as to go to a person who is overweight and tell them they are fat!) So, take comfort in that there are many others who are very thin and no matter what they eat, they cannot seem to gain weight.

    Good luck with the gaining. If you are like me, you'll have a celebration when you hit 3 digits on the scales!

    BTW, check out some other sites around here. There are so many friendly people here! One great place is the Friendship Flower Thread:

    and the Introduce yourself:

    I hope to see you around!
  • Quote:
    Hi there I have noticed that the entire problem here is about how to loose weight.....! My problem is something different maybe you will all laugh about this,...... but it's true! I want to gain weight I am 22 years old and only has a 100lbs in weight some says that I look sexy! But I wanted to gain some weight! Anyone can help? What should I eat?
    bligde ....Welcome to FC. I always had a weight problem when I was younger never went over 100 pounds either. After I had my son the weight started coming on slowly. I always was a big eater but was very active burned it up. Sitting and enjoying your food is a big plus. They say bananas help put weight on. Do you cook for yourself. Try and eat more of the foods you love for extra calories. I am sure you like ice cream eat a dish of that every day.

    How tall are you? Height means alot when gaining weight. True thin people do look sexier in clothes.
    You will find you have more energy when you are thinner so don't worry.
    Keep a record of how many calories you eat each day on a journal here. Maybe we can see what you are doing wrong.
  • Eat healty & learn to like who you are. If you make too much effort just to put on weight with foods that are not good for your heart, etc. you may pay a higher price later in life. Especially habits you may form in order to gain weight will be very hard to reverse when you are ready to stop gaining. I'm no expert, but I have thought about this while raising my ds. I am plump, but dh was tall & thin growing up. When preparing food for my son when he was little I would think, he is/will be thin so it is ok to put plenty of yummy butter or sugar on his foods, etc. But so much information is now out about the habits you set growing up & how they effect long term health, I have really tried to shift my thinking for him as well as the whole family.
  • Gaining Weight
    I was 5'2" and 92 pounds at 24 years old, and while I was thin, I didn't realize until just recently (looking at some of my old clothing that I hadn't gotten rid of until now) how thin I really was. However, I did not feel unhealthy or too thin. Yes, people made comments about my size but I would just blow it off.

    It all changed once I hit about 25 (seriously!) My energy level decreased some, and that meant my metabolism decreased as well. Currently (at 35) I'm considered obese, though I don't look it, but my BMI is right on the cusp. Having children and two csections really helped with some weight gain as well.

    If you are feeling too thin, then do something about it, otherwise just enjoy it!!

  • bligde.... I remember when I was younger and weighed 92 pounds at 5ft 3in. Even after having my DS still went back to the same weight for awhile. I too never thought of my self as thin. Think all my girlfriends were thin too. We always walked everywhere even to high school. Looking back at photos now I realize how thin I was.


  • In 1968 my husband was 6 ft and weighed 140 lbs at 22 yrs old, only 5 pounds more than me and I was 5'6". I was concerned so I took him to the doctor to find out how to put some weight on him.

    The doctor did a complete health work up and when the results came back he told me to feed him healthy food and not to worry at all about his weight.

    The doctor said he was healthy and putting on extra pounds actually might put his health in danger.

    My husbands father and aunt were tall and slim. My 2 sons took after their father as well as my 13 yr old grandson, 8 yr old grandaughter and 3 yr old grandaughter.

    We have been acused of not feeding these children well, but the doctor says they are healthy and it is just how God made them, they are fine.

    Do check with your doctor before you start force feeding yourself. Your health is more important than your weight.

    Love & Prayers,