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Shawn 12-31-2002 12:54 AM

I am posting this for a member.

Here is Sally Smith's question:

A yearly eye exam revealed "potential for angle-closure glaucoma." The type procedure that has been suggested is called "laser iridotomy." Using a laser, a small hole is made in the iris to create a new way for aqueous fluid to drain from the eye. This new drainage hole restores the balance between the fluid entering and leaving the eye, lowering eye pressure. This surgery is performed by ophthalmologist on outpatient basis, usually in the office. The eye is numbed with eyedrops. A contact lens is placed on the eye to serve as a precise guide for the laser. A hole about the size of a pinhead is made on top part of iris. The actual procedure takes only a few minutes. I realize risks and side effects of glaucoma treatment are balanced with the greater risk of leaving (potential) glaucoma untreated. It was explained the side effects of this surgery might be blurred vision, minor bleeding, need for retreatment or a different type of treatment (but no other type was mentioned) and it was stated there is risk double vision or infection (though rare). Is anyone familiar with this or any other treatment for one with "potential risk for glaucoma." Does anyone know of someone who has had this treatment?


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