cut my ear

  • I cut the inside of my ear and it hurts. I have it stuffed with cotton. Any other suggestions?

    hugs, train
  • Do you think you might have punctured your eardrum? I am not trying to scare you, but that is why I am totally deaf in my left ear. I had an infection when I was 13. The pressure bursted my eardrum. My mother wouldn't take me to the doctor, so I had to wait 5 years to see a doctor. By the time I was able to see a doctor, the infection in my ear, from the bursted eardrum made its way to my brain. It required massage brain surgery 5 years later. It only hurt initially. So, please see a doctor if you could have possibly bursted your eardrum or even scratched it.
  • I don't think I burst my eardrum, it's more closer to the outside of my ear. Stuffing it with cotton helps . I will make an appt if it's still hurting next week.

    thanks, DeBora

    hugs, me
  • Donna, if it's more on the outside, get some Neosporin PLUS ointment. It will stay on much longer than the cream AND the PLUS part will help deaden it. Good luck!
  • Train, how in the world did you cut your ear? I think the rule is nothing smaller than your elbow can go into your

    What I would do is when you are washing your hair..let the warm soapy water run in there..but remember to shake it out..

    I have used products like Swimmer's Ear. It basically is equal parts of vinegar & alcohol. Vinegar is acidy..and alcohol is drying.

    Also, check and see if there is a Ask a Nurse program in your area..local hospitals have them.

    DeBora, so sorry to hear about your hearing loss..and sorry you didnt get the health care you needed at the time.

    Hugs, Janet
  • OK, you asked! Well, don't laugh................I had a nightmare and I was scratching my ear all up in the dream and then when I woke up my ear was bleeding and cut on the inside.
    Are you sorry you asked! it's all scabbed over now, so just letting it heal............

    hugs, train
  • Ha ha Trainlady...sounds like you have vivid dreams too...

    When I stay at the lake cottage, I can hear the surf while I am sleeping, since we are right on the water..

    Well, I have been known to jump in my sleep and squeal as I am dreaming about jumping over the waves..hee hee.

    I also talk in my sleep, but one of my favorite tricks is to think about a problem and then I work on it all night and wake up with an answer...and people thought all you could do was sleep...hee hee.

    Hugs, janet
  • Well, thanks for not laughing!!

    hugs, crazytrain
  • I did it AGAIN, but this time I didn't have a nightmare. I just woke up and my ear was all cut up and bleeding again!
    This is crazy and my ears are stinging.

  • Donna, what in the world are you dreaming? lol