Stone in the Bowel?

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  • I've heard of bowel obstructions but never heard of a "stone" in the bowels and I've typed many reports for a GI (stomach & intestinal) doctor. I guess it could be protruding into the GYN area but that still seems strange to send you to that type of doctor, unless your dear old doctor got confused and told you the wrong type of specialist. Hopefully, he is sending you to the right type that you need. Let us know how it goes.
  • I know what you mean, it does sound strange! Something is protruding against the back of the v. wall, and this is what he thinks it is. I think h e is getting old and dotey, actually. The gynocolygist I am going to see is young, so hopefully I won't be embarrased by seeing the wrong doctor, and she confirms what he has said.