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craftymom 06-11-2002 06:32 AM

IBS ( irritable bowel syndrome)
HI!! I am a 35 yr old mom of three that suffers from IBS . It has never been under control and I suffer with IBS attacks quite often. I was just wondering if anyone else has IBS and how they deal with it.



viking7779 06-22-2002 07:13 PM


Wow! We have some of the same things in common huh?

I too have IBS, but it's not a severe case. Mine was pretty much brought on by having a total hyst.

Have you ever checked here: It's a message/support board for IBS.

Good luck sweetie and let me know if that helps you.


craftymom 06-22-2002 07:50 PM

Thank you so much for the link to the support group :) I didnt know that it was out there !!! I will definatly be wandering over there and checking it out :) Do you take meds for your IBS or is it not that bad??? I have tried several meds and i am either allergic to them or they dont work on me :(

It does look like we have a lot in common :) Which is nice :)

I am glad you replied to me as i was begining to think i was the only one on here that had IBS :( Now i have atleast someone who knows what i am going through :)

Thank you again for the information :)


viking7779 06-22-2002 08:26 PM

Awww Sue, you're not alone sweetie :daisy:

Unfortunately, I know all to well the yucky feeling of IBS. Mine again is pretty minor, I can take Metamucil and that helps when I get an attack.

Here is another site: you might get some info from.

Do you know if there is something in your diet that triggers it? Sometimes you have to be a tummy detective to figure these things out I think! :confused:

If ya ever need a shoulder to lean on, an ear to listen, or just to vent...give me a holler ;)

Feel good and have a GREAT weekend!!

p.s. What part of Canada are you from? DH and I are going to Toronto in August and stopping off to see a friend in Oakville too :-D


craftymom 06-22-2002 08:47 PM

HI Tina ... as for something in my diet triggering an attack .... i dont think that would be possible , you see all i can digest is turkey ( the canned stuff) , potato , rice milk , and for fiber i eat rasin bran. Oh i eat whole wheat bread as well ( 4 slices a day) .So you can see it isnt anything in my diet that makes it go KABOOM :( my doctors dont know what triggers it off either but they just keep me on the meds that seem to keep some attacks to a few days only :)

Thank you for the offer of a shoulder to lean on ... my shoulders are always here for you as well :) you can email me privately as well if you need a shoulder to lean on :)

Now , where in Canada am i :) i am near Harrison Hot Springs ( about 2 hours outside of Vancouver) . I am originally from England though lol DH however is from Mississauga ( i hope that is spelt right cuz he just told me how to spell it and he was in the kitchen lol ) Where are you from ?

Thank you again for the information and i have bookmarked the link you just sent me to check out in a bit :)


viking7779 06-23-2002 05:27 AM

Good Morning Sue :)

Wow! You're from England, I would love to travel there one day! England, Alaska, and Australia are my dream travels.

I'm in Michigan, Clinton Township to be exact. It's about 20 miles from Detroit. It's a close drive to the Detroit/Windsor tunnel. But that's the other side of Canada from you.

Oh My Sue, your diet is so limited and yet you have flare ups :( I hope those sites will help you find something to assist you. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers :angel:

Have a wonderful weekend sweetie!! Talk with you soon.


craftymom 06-23-2002 05:37 AM

Good morning to you to Tina ,

I have been on this limited diet for about 4 years now , although i used to be able to eat rice but then it started putting me in the hospital every time i ate it as my stomach would basically shut down ( i couldnt digest it ) so now i eat easily digestable foods. I even take a pill before i eat to help my intestines move the food along lol

I have had a quick look at the sites you mentioned and i liked what i saw ... i will have to go back and have a real look around when i have no interruptions from kiddies.

The places i would love to visit are Australia , Tahiti , and Bali. They all sound so exotic :)

If you are not on line right now ....have a GREAT day :)

THank you again for the links :)


craftymom 06-23-2002 05:53 AM

Check your PM's ... i sent you one :)


craftymom 06-24-2002 04:26 PM

Hi Tina ... just wondering how life was treating you :)


viking7779 06-24-2002 04:41 PM


Hiya!! I'm doing well, how's about you? ^^

I sent you a PM, did you get it?

I let you know my AIM name for AOL Messenger...let me know if you didn't get it, and I'll send you another one.

Hope everything is well with you, miss talking with you.

Have a wonderful nite:-:


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