Gluten Intolerance?

  • Anyone have gluten intolerance?

    I have a digestive tract made of steel. But I have noticed that anytime I eat cereal, I get a lot of gas. And I do mean gas.

    I have read about gluten intolerance on the web, but I was interested in asking a few questions to someone who really has it.
  • is it a high fiber cereal? if so, it may just be gas from adding the extra fiber to your diet that your body is just not used to getting.
  • As nuts as this may sound...11 years ago, a friend of my in-laws (a self-proclaimed psychic)...completely unsolicited...suggested I try a gluten-free diet. I heard her, but carried on as usual.
    Then 4 years ago, after my DS2 was born, I was eating shredded wheat for breakfast...and the story begins. I stopped eating that, and started having eggs instead.
    I don't normally eat sandwiches, but I do eat them occasionally.
    But, now I started making my own mueslix - a Swiss cereal. I use oats, dried apricots and nuts. And again.
    So, I started reading about G.I. and it said that oats can affect people.
    I am not sure. It may be the extra fiber, but it seems to only happen when I eat cereal. As I look at my diet, I don't eat a lot of wheat in general, and maybe it is the amount I consume when it is the main part of a meal.
  • I really think it is the fiber from the oats and the apricots. If you had this gluten intolerance or celiac disease you'd be bothered by all wheat products - not just the oats.
  • Thanks, Barbi!

    I appreciate your help! Phew!