Fibromyaglia Continued

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  • Here is the new thread for Fibromyaglia.

    Thank you
  • Thank You Shawn!
    So great of you Shawn to make a new spot for us to continue our conversations.


    Okay ladies lets see how everyone is doing? I am having a time of it with my muscles still, they are continuing more tests and I am getting so darn sick of it....our unstable weather doesn't help either, one day it is 65-70 and the next day it is 50...and damp!

    I am hanging in there, my son and I took a couple of long walks when it was nice and we had a great time, I do think it helped my pain I just need someone to kick me in the butt everyday to keep doing it! lol

    Take Care,
  • just a tap un the back
    Thanks for the new site!

    The last three days my body's been aching so much!
    I feels like each bone in my body is going to crack up!
    I;ve been swimming in my above ground pool I feel so good while in it but the next day!.....
    Two days ago my husband gave me a tap in my upper back, in between the shoulders! It was a friendly tap, comming from him...Anyway, I found myself aching so bad in the area the next day! I was shopping and had to find a place to sit for a long while.
    At Haagen Daas fortunately but I felt sorry for my 11yro to stay put with me for so long!
    And I couldn't just go home my other daughters,older were shopping along after their last day in school!
    Sorry for venting, I'm travelling in a few days,going away from the heat into a nicer weather!! I look forward to the change.
    Cheers to you all,
  • Caponate, probably what you did was just overuse your muscles while swimming doctor had suggested swimming for my fibro...and I did for 14 days straight...I did the backstroke, most of the time and after that I was in a flare up...not only my back muscles but my skin was flared up from the I have now learned..moderation is the key.

    My guys give me a hug and their arms hurt my arms, and they say it isn't a hard squeeze, but to me it is...

    Hope you are feeling better by this time.

  • feeling better
    Hi Janet, you're right, I've decided to simm every day but one day hard followed by a day of just floating and relaxing!I even walk inside the pool.
    I'll miss it, because of Sars I won't swimm in any pool during my holidays, but I hope to still keep on walking!
    I'm a bit anxious of the trip,my kids are so full of energy and I get so tired!
    + one of the country I'll visit isn't fit for walkers of my kind...
    The pavements are very high and not consecutive wich mean I need to walk most of the time at the curve ..and if I need to go to the pavement my kids must give me a hand! and my knees usually get bad...
    But I must do the effort and I hope once there to not see all these problems and enjoy myself with my daughters two of which I haven't seen for 6 months!They study abroad and need a good time.
    Voila! Cheers, Vera
  • I can't deal with this!!!!
    I don't know what to do anymore! I have had it! I hurt so much, and I'm so weak, I'm depressed and sad, and I have my moments, that I cry, but mostly moan!
    How can I deal with this? I feel like I have a flu and fever! I don't want to give up! Sometimes it feels like it's the best thing to do, cause I sure a H*** can't do anything else!

    I have so many things I want to do! Being sick is not one of them! Sorry, I guess I had to vent my feelings out! I guess I am going to jump into bed and stay there the remaining part of the day! Hope all of you are having a better month than I am! I don't even remember when I felt good at all. That must have been months ago. Thanks my Angel friends for letting me vent! I would scream, but I don't think that would be too cool! Take care, and please keep me in your prayers! ~*Mellie*~ {{{Gentle Hugs}}} to you all.


  • Dear Mellie!
    Hang in there Mellie, tomorrow will be a better day! Just do what you can, take a shower, put on clean jammies or lounge wear, and sit and read, watch old movies, or just try to sleep. I always found if I got sunlight that helped me too. Try sitting out when it is not so scorching there...30 mins, and soak up the always felt so good on my flu-like body aches.

    My cycle of pain just broke today...I was about at the end of my rope, and headed to bed for the night. In the morning, it was gone! I was in so much pain yesterday, all I ate was popsicles because I thought I would throw up!

  • Janet

    Seems, like I'm always relaxing now. I want to do so many things, and I can't!:mad:

    Yesterday was a better day, I worked out in my garden and it felt so good to be outside for once! I did over do it and I am so sore. But it was worth it! Although it feels like I have lead weight all over my body and hands, I did accomplish much, I sat down and I told my husband what I needed done! LOL

    But no, I did something too. We had grass delivered to our house, you know the one that's already grown and rolled, and we just prapare the ground for it, it's called sod grass. "We" did our back and front yard. it looks so nice and green!

    Now I can sit outside on my patio and sit on my swing and enjoy the view! Hopefully today I can sit there and finish the list of chores I want done, thanks to hubby! He has been thru it all with me, He is one of a kind! {{ }} Thanks for listening. ~*Mellie*~
  • So glad you got out and got a few things done. I think being outside and sprucing up your yard, digging in the dirt etc. is so good for the body and soul! I usually overdo while I am out there too.I have been working outside for 2 days now and I really enjoy it all! It has been hot too and it actually felt good to sweat! I am usually so cold. Now if I could just get that excited about cleaning the house..a have a couple of clutter areas, full of postcard stuff, magazines, mail to go out...etc. By the time I come in I am pooped!

    How wonderful that you are able to get sod grass...I bet it looks wonderful...we work on our lawn all the is alot better than when we bought it but nothing like lawns in the city. We have alot of sand here, rocks and 2 dogs that love to dig holes! lol

    Take care Mellie! Good to hear about your good day!

    Love, Janet
  • This thread has been quiet for a long time so I assume everybody is handling their pain, brain fogs, etc., pretty well. I've had a seige for the past 6 months with no sign of letting up. This is the worst I've had it and I was diagnosed over 10 years ago.

    I have not given up and continue to do what I can each and every day. Pacing myself has been the hardest thing for me to learn. I had to retire after 15 years of working 10 to 12 hour days and then had to learn to start saying no to almost everything. I've pretty much become a hermit but I am not depressed about it. Instead I've been working hard on getting my photos organized and working on my genealogy and spending time with my daughter, husband and grandkids.

    I feel if I take very good care of myself for another 6 months or so, then maybe I'll start getting some energy back to where I feel somewhat human again.

    I want to wish all you ladies out there who are suffering from this horrible disease a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. My hope is that maybe next year they will finally figure out something that will make us all feel halfway human again. Take care dear ladies.