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  • A dear friend of mine has had her dad in and out of the hospital. He gets to where he has no clue where he is or what's going on. The doctor won't come up there to see him when they call and they can't even get him to answer any questions they have. Her dad is very overweight and has gotten to where he now has to wear a diaper. His blood oxygen level has been around 92. I know nothing about this and one of the nurses made a comment that it wasn't good. Does anyone have any idea what the blood oxygen level is suppose to be and what maybe can cause it to be low? Thanks.
  • Blood oxygen level indicates the "efficiency" of the heart. I have coronary disease, and that's one thing they monitor very closely. If the heart is operating correctly, and pumping the blood as it should, the b-o-l is high. If you have a lower b-o-l, it indicates a problem. Hope this helps -- and I'll pray for your friend's father.
  • Blood Oxygen Level
    Your blood oxygen level should be at 100% 92 isn't horrible alot of times you will see children with 85 with asthma My daughter recently was at 92% when she had bronchilitas rsv and she survived. Make sure he isn't smoking or running out of breath or doing anything strenous before they take the test. Hope he gets better.
  • Darla,

    There are a lot of reasons your friend's dad could be having troubles with his blood counts. There are several different measurments of "Oxygen levels" in the blood. Depending what is causing the decrease in his levels there are different treatments to improve the oxygen saturation levels.

    Sometimes there is a problem with the hemagloben itself; the protein that coats the red blood cells. This is the "magnet" that holds onto oxygen molecules in the blood stream and transports them throughout our bodies. If there is a problem with the hemagloben, then the magnets aren't strong enough to hold onto the oxygen for delivery.

    Or if there is a decreased red blood cell count, then the transport of oxygen is diminished..there aren't enough "taxi's" available to deliver oxygen to where it's needed. That will decrease the oxygen count.

    Or there could be a problem in the lungs. The oxygen could not be getting into the blood stream the way it should due to diminished lung capacity, fluid accumulation or other obstructive processes.

    Also the heart might simply not be up to the job of delivering the blood to the lungs as effectivly as the body tissue needs it to. So the body is using more oxygen than it is getting and it is "operating in the red" so to speak. The circulatory system runs at a defecit....

    This is the best was I can think of to describe some of the various ways that a decreased oxygen saturation evel can occur. But a O2 sat level of 92% is not horrific..... 97% - 98%. is the normal range. If it was in the 80's I'd be scared....

    It's hard when our parents get old, and we start to loose them. I know.

    I hope your friend gets someone to talk to her. Contact the hospital's patient advocate or social worker and tell them you need explanations.

    Good luck to your friend and her family.

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    Hi, I was hospitalized in March by my pulmonary Doctor, because I had a Blood Ox. level of 74 that was really low. In the hospital they told me the norm is between 92 and 96. I was eventually diagnosed with "Boop Pneumonia" its long and complicated, but apparently it is related to the fact that I have Systemic Lupus. They are treating it with high doses of prednisone, and I am on oxygen 24/7.
    Your friends dads blood ox sounds like a normal high. They take a reading while you are at rest, and then after walking, or some form of excercise. He should be seeing a Pulmonary Specialist, to have it monitored regulary. But from what I was told, thats not a bad number.
    Hope all works out for him.
  • Hi All
    Thanks so much for your post and I've forwarded them to Ginger so that she can at least know what the doctor is talking about and all that. Again, thanks so much and hope everyone is doing good.
  • low blood oxygen
    My Husband has sleep apnea, so we know about low blood oxygen levels. Your blood oxygen should be 100%. If it is lower, Some part of your body is oxygen starved. My husbands blood oxygen goes down as low as 85%, And this is considered extremely severe. 92% is only 7% better. There are many causes: 1) arteries with plaque build up preventing blood to flow properly making your heart work twice as hard to get half as much oxygen needed. 2) poor circulation preventing blood from getting rejuvenated as necessary. 3) being overweight causes the stomach to get pressed against the lungs which causes shallow breathing, gasping for air, and this not getting enough air into the lungs causes the blood deficiency. Also being overweight means the heart has to pump harder to keep up with the demand excess body fat calls for. The heart has to pump blood for the extra body mass. The body has to manufacture more blood to cover the excess. If your body doesn't get the proper nutrients, the new blood will be deficient as well. More on this if you wish.
  • Hi j-n-jfortner
    I'm so glad you mentioned the overweight thing. Her dad is extremely overweight. No one at the hospital seems to be saying anything about how he needs to lose any but she knows he does. They're feeding him really fattening stuff too.
  • Oxygen Levels
    My husband is quite heavy also and has a very short, thick neck. He was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea, which is quite common in people who are overweight. At night when you sleep your muscles relax and if you have excess tissue it closes off your throat and you cannot breath. You can also have excess tissue in your nose with a very small hole to breath through. He would stop breathing l00's of times a night. This caused oxygen deprivation, which in turn affected his red blood cell count. This can lead to all kinds of problems with your heart and even diabetes if not treated. He underwent an outpatient procedure and they trimmed his tongue on the sides and the back and also trimmed both nostrils inside the bridge of his nose to open up his airway. This is done with a small electrical probe and the worst after effect is a sore throat for a couple of days. He immediately began to get better. You might tell your friend to have him put through a sleep study to see if that is the problem.

    Sue L.
  • Hi Sue L
    They have tested him for sleep apena and he's fine as to where that's concerend. He's in his 70's and has a lot of medical problems. I can't even begin to tell you what all drugs they have him on but he's gotten to where he has to wear a diaper because he can't get up to go to the bathroom on his own. They live in Ohio and the town they're in she said isn't known for having the "best" doctors but they need to use the hospital that's closest to the house and he was there for three days and had not been turned or anything and ended up with bed sores and now he's got a staph infection which I think is fairly common (but not sure) and so he's being treated for those two things and it's like they're not really working on finding out what all is exactly wrong with this man. But, Ginger said that after he's given oxygen he gets really mean and goody and uses a lot of foul language which is not like him at all. Ever heard of that?